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  • There is two persons in our world.

    ddd1862badc7d44598e765a94bb6c558_t  Reiki 四つ葉

    download (1)origami

    Last week I met one Japanese lady.

    I could know her through my friend

    who is owner B&B in Maunui, Taumarunui.

    Age, figur & out side are different.

    But we are surprised internal aspect is quite same.

    We hitted it off!!

    People say, we are two persons in the world.

    We made plan of the ENENT of us.

    What we do?
    Shen is ORIGAMI expert.
    She will show ORIGAMI.

    Me, Noriko is REIKI Healing expert.
    I show REIKI.

    When, time :
    1st September Friday at 1-2PM

    Taumarunui town.
    The Old Fire Station.


    Contact is:
    Use by

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Human & Auguste Rodin



    When I meet old person, I ask questions.

    Why you were bone in this world?

    Why you are living in this world?

    We spend a lot of energy & money in our life.

    We are here not only eating, and we can find out I am here.

    You & me, there is reason why?

    There is meaning, we have.

    Already did you find?

    happy, aren't you?

    You are not yet?

    Find out.

    Let's find out.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Mystery


    I went to walk at Owhango bush.

    Since summer I did not walk in bush.

    Now winter season and after rainy day,

    view was quite changed.

    My eyes couch red color.

    I thought somebody painted medicine to insured tree

    for protecting disease.

    No, ....

    Under this skin of tree was red color, like just blood.

    This is the mysteries of this world for me!!

    What name of tree, I wonder?

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • What should we do in winter season?


    How do you spend your time in cold season of winter?

    Nature environment makes our character & Temperament.

    In Taumarunui,

    There is no snow.

    There is no many frost in the morning.

    Day time is warm temperature.

    And it is not so strong windy as no windy.

    Taumarunui is a good condition to live even it is winter.

    So, everybody in Taumarunui,

    Let's build up your health under a good nature environment.

    Especially, Reiki energy makes warm environment.

    Let's build up health in winter season.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Let's have calm time at Group session class.


    === Let's do meditation.===
    Human body is so marbless.

    When our body & mind are not good balance,
    sickness come over.

    And sickness tells us some knocking to our body.

    Sometimes the knocking tell so heavy disease, too.

    But, our life is so busy.

    We missed out easy the knocking,

    and the sickness makes habit in our daily life.

    If we have a calm down time,

    we can find out the knocking & we can find out sickness, too.

    Have meditation time for it. As we take medison.

    Make habit to have meditation time.

    I teach how to do meditation.

    Please knock to

    Even winter season, though it is cold, let's do meditation.

    My class room is warm. Please come over.

    Reiki & Hypnothrapy session group is:

    Every monday at 4:30 to 5:30pm

    With blanket & KOHA

    Please call 027 715 2121.

  • [ Hypnotherapy is .... ]
  • Open new session class for .......


    NZ won an Amarican cup.

    It is feeling is good, isn't it?

    I got energy by them, and

    I open NEW class, Today

    Purpose is "heal to your body with Reiki & Hypnotherapy"

    It is on 3rd/July.

    Every Mon.

    At 4:30-5:30pm

    At the Old Fire Station.

    30 Miriama St. in Taumarunui town.

    Please have your blanket.

    And KOHA.


    See you soon.

    To facebook
    My home page
  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • NEW START!! Reiki & Hypnotherapy group session.



    Fire Station baea86b2-a6df-43aa-94e8-4d6bc8e1c7cf_wo

    REIKI & HYPNOTHERAPY Group Session.

    At last!! It is one of my dreams.

    I can open NEW class from

    on 3rd/July.

    Every Mon.

    At 4:30-5:30pm

    At the Old Fire Station.

    30 Miriama St. in Taumarunui town.

    Please have your blanket.

    And KOHA.

    Human body has a lot of own healing energy.

    I would like to recommend to use own healing energy in your life.

    The first step is you should understand how effect to you with own healing energy.

    So, I decided to open Reiki & Hypnotherapy group session.


    heart problem,




    Phobia disorder,

    And others, more.

    Try it once.

    If you have question, please ask & click here.

    To Facebook:
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My fault.

    YUU 20170603_141745

    Recently I knew my fault..

    It is about a registration fee of dog.

    My dog is already his sex surgery.

    So, I thought my dog is middle sex.

    Do not laugh.

    I applied as sex is middle about 8 years ago.

    Registration fee was $63/a year.

    My neighbour show the newspaper recently about registration fee.

    If sex was surgeried & room dog, fee is $36/a year as good gog.

    I did not know this information.

    So, I applied surgeried & room dog, as good dog with a photo.

    I learned I should read well the local newspaper with a high antenna of my ears & eyes.

    It is my fault.

    ($63-$36) x 8 years = $216

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • True story of determination



    I was moved through her story.

    I am joining the friendship meeting once a week.

    At there,

    I met her about four months ago at there.

    Little by little, I used to talk with her.

    Some times I noticed she helped to make for our lunch.

    Some times I saw she was caring one old lady.

    Her fashions and are so simplicity.

    Also, she is no makeup.

    I felt & noticed she was different behavior.

    A few days ago, I had chance to talk.

    And I could ask her philosophy.

    She talked me with soft voice & worm story.

    "About 7 years ago, I was any no good behavior".

    "Drinking, smoking & no good daily life".

    But since she got a grand child, her mind was changed suddenly.

    Why was changed?

    She said, "I should change for my gland children".

    " I am one teacher for my gland children".

    Now she has 5 children.

    "Now I am a textbook of how to live for gland children".

    She had a many steps as awareness of human.

    "Still I am polishing my self".

    "I would like hep & support to other persons".

    After I came back at my home,

    my feeling was very good mood.

    I was so good feeling by to meet her.

    Awareness is not easy.

    But awareness will come to us simply & suddenly.

    By it, we need polish from our life.

    As one way, Kundalini yoga will help for your awareness.

    I always think, why we are living in this world?

    It is for awareness.

    I believe so.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Many kind of Hypnotherapy.


    Hypnotherapy gives deep relaxation.

    And the relaxation time can go & can do with image of my talking.

    It means the relaxation will call away your strong vibration

    hidden your subconsciousness.

    If you come to Hypnotherapy group lesson,

    you can call way by yourself from your subconsciousness.

    And you can heal by yourself.

    It is very good!!

    Hypnotherapy group session will be open soon.

    At the old Fire station,

    30 Miriama Street, Taumarunui.

    Ask Noriko, click here.

    Have a enjoyable time with share.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • I did not know the BULLYING DAY.


    Did you know the Bulling day?

    An image color is PINK.

    On Friday 26 May 2017,

    we're asking New Zealanders to celebrate

    Pink Shirt Day and stand together to take action against bullying.
  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • 5th June, I might open new Reiki & hypnotherapy class.

    Noriko Hatsurei ho Reiki Hatsurei-ho

    Fire Station baea86b2-a6df-43aa-94e8-4d6bc8e1c7cf_wo I might open new Reiki & Hypnotherapy class.

    I am opening Kundalini Yoga Monday class at the Old Fire Station Building.

    Next, my dream is to open Reiki & Hypnotherapy class.

    It may be open June 5th.

    I hope many Taumarunui persons could be healthy life with me.

    From now

    "Do not wait own unwell & old age.

    You can do it, and Sat nam, too.

    Any ages are welcome!!

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Chi, Energy & Ki

    Tsuki 15231382

    Can you believe Chi, Energy & Ki. which is without see?

    Chi is chinese language.

    Energy is English.

    Ki is Japanese.

    My understand is three are same power vibration.
    We have it.
    But almost people don't know how to get it & how to use it.
    I may be able to open the Taumarunui "Reiki & Hypnosis room".
    If I can open it, I would like to show Reiki energy.
    Please come.


    There is the astral power.

    It is stronger more than Chi or KI.

    This power is connected to only one of nature power.

    I call the "truth vibration".

    If you try to Reiki energy a lot & many times,

    you may be able to catch this "truth vibration.

    This truth is our final purpose as human life.

    I know if you would like to get,

    ask Noriko.

    I can explain how to do.

    Let's catch our final purpose.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • What is Hypnotherapy?

    candle-197248__340.jpg Your eyes close, and feel your breath. And make image a red candle. If you could have make image of a red candle. You can do self-Hypnotherapy, if you have practice.

    History of Hypnosis.

    According Wikipedia,

    Western scientists first became involved in hypnosis around 1770,

    when Franz Mesmer (1734–1815), a physician from Austria,

    started investigating an effect

    he called "animal magnetism" or "mesmerism" (the latter name still remaining popular today).

    According my book,

    The idea is influenced and reflected by Egypt of ancient, Greece,

    and Rome and England.

    Our subconsciousness is opened by Hypnotherapy.

    And trouble of own mind is discovered.

    Also, we can go to future or past of own life.

    I feel,

    Kundalini yoga, meditation & hypnotherapy are linked.

    And they give healing energy to us, & give relaxation, too.

    So, Hypnotherapy is easy technique for me.

    If you want to have experience,

    Please ask Noriko.

    I can teach self-Hypnotherapy.

    You can do relax & have enjoyable time by own self.

    Contact me.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • What can I do?


    What can I do in my life?

    From my yaung to nowaday,

    I was supported my life by a lot of peoples.

    My life story is made by these meeting persons.

    Even my philosophy was created from meeting persons.

    I was pushed "What can I do for giving back to my appreciation ?".

    So, I decided to give my healing energy through volunteer from this year.

    I visited & I had an interview at The KOKIRI trust.

    They are an interested in teaching meditation of Alzheimer.

    This photo is Maori supporting trust room.

    Every Thursday, many old Maori persons are visiting.

    Then, I am visiting, and I am teaching to them Yoga meditation of Alzheimer.

    And Reiki Healing.

    Even here is my volunteer place, but I am helped by many Maori persons.

    Thank you for everybody.

    Front side,

    a big man is young & he is teaching exercise to old Maori persons, too.

    He is like SUMO wrestler.

    Big Man!!

    He is so kind man.

  • [ Reiki in English as NEW ]
  • My hand was cold.


    My hand was cold.

    I gave Reiki energy with my cold hands.

    After finish Reiki healing,

    Client said, "Your Reiki was warm".
    "Thank you for Relaxation, too".

    "Touch me my hands".

    "WHA~~~~! Noriko's hands are cold!!"

    Client was surprised with my cold hands.

    But Reiki energy comes warm.

    It is magick.

    If you have question, text me please.

    Thank you for reading.

  • [ Hypnotherapy is .... ]
  • Expanse by photos.

    iruka 12269985 ochiba eha0138-066

    Toi Toi6211884 Tree sng0070-024

    Tsuki 15231382 Yoga 44246231

    yuuhi yuu0047-009

    What can you make images from these photos?

    I chose these photos from some reason.

    Our images are infinitive & creation.

    When you see one photo, your image are linked old memory or creation.

    If you can get images easy, you can do self hypnotherapy.

    But relax is most important condition.

    Hypnotherapy makes big relaxation time by therapist, Noriko.

    When you need sleep well,

    When you want know your Karuma & trauma,

    When you want to know your Past life and dream,

    When you want to change behavior,

    Your subconsciousness become activity by Hypnotherapy.

    Could you have an incredible image?

    Any question please click here.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Your Kidneys OK?


    Let's hads on Kidneys.

    Reiki helps stressed kidneys.

    My Reiki is warm, many clients say.

    They are satisfied my Reiki.

    I am so glad to hear that.

    How to keep healthy kidneys?

    Let's keep healthy kidneys.

    I checked it from Web sites.

    Kidney size:
    The kidneys are a pair of organs located in the back of the abdomen. 
    Each kidney is about 4 or 5 inches long -- about the size of a fist.

    The kidneys' function:
    Filtered the blood.

    How many times through the kidneys?

    All the blood in our bodies passes through the kidneys several times a day. 

    The kidneys remove wastes, control the body's fluid balance, 
    and regulate the balance of electrolytes.

    Each kidney contains around a million units called nephrons, 
    each of which is a microscopic filter for blood. 

    There are more the kidneys function.

    If you feel "my body condition is not good", ask doctor, please.

    To keep own body in tone is our treasure.

    Reiki Healing wanted for Kidneys, please contact to Noriko

  • [ **Self-Healing**(Japanese language) ]
  • Hypnotherapy


    I am so interested in Hypnotherapy to our subconsciousness.

    Relaxed body & mind make truth of conscious.

    So, after I give deep relax to you,

    you can connect to subconsciousness.

    Even you did not notice your peace of thinking,
    your relaxed body & mind pick up from subconsciousness.

    There are a lot of your enjoyable things or your worry,
    your dream & other things into subconsciousness.

    Try it.
    You could be relaxed body & mind by Noriko.

    You could have an enjoyable hypnotic-world.

    It is about one hour session for enjoyable time.

    Please have an appointment.

    More information for it.

    Thank you for reading.


  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Be quiet, & listen to your body.


    our body is talking, & listen to your body.

    It means our body knows our weakness point.

    And a parts of body, our hand put to weakness point for healing.

    When our hands put on body, let's have relax time.

    We can listen something through our hands.

    Reiki healing is like that.

    Good health is own treasure.

    Let's use own hands for healing of body & mind.

    Thank you for reading.
  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Hospital/Hospce


    I got e-mail from Reiki

    Hospital/Hospice might accept Reiki.

    If they use Reiki, it is a big step for healing.

    For it, our Reiki Healer have to have more experience & studying

    as high level Reiki healer & individual person.

    I believe Reiki will be accepted near future.

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Success!!





    On 26th Feb. At DOJYO in OWHANGO, Taumarunui.

    My workshop was assessed by interested persons.

    It was workshop of short time sessions.

    Short time workshop gives more interest to clients, as same it makes us mouth water.

    I would like keep up friendship by this meeting of DEAI, 出合い。

    As next step, I would like to make Group Kundalini Yoga in Owhango.

    Also, I would like to make plan for Reiki session at Dojyo.

    My dream is expanding.

    Thank you for joining persons.

    Let's see you again, soon.
  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • My 30 minutes session.


    I already let to start for 30 minutes x 5 times Self-Healing & Healing sessions.

    This session is depending on client's condition of own skills & body condition.

    According my experience, I can advice to dividual client what sessions is best for them.

    My ultimate goal is that Reiki, Kundalini Yoga & hypnosis therapy are used in client's, in own life.

    Reiki five principle.

    One of them,

    Only today, try to my best.

    So, I will try my best.

    This is 200 points for my treat. ( Smile)
    Three Free ticketVIP-Gift-Packages-150x150

  • [ **Talking to myself** ]
  • Treat point total is 1000.

    Three Free ticketVIP-Gift-Packages-150x150 Treat is important even my age.

    Reiki five principles.

    These principle link to why we are born in this world.

    This five word let us progress for spiritual.

    I would like to give treat point to me for growing of my spirit.

    I decided each word is 200 points.

    Total 1000 points.

    Myself; I am confidence to get 600 points already.

    I need two more of five, are 400 points.

    They are "Try your Best to everything, &

    "Give your Kindness to others".

    So, I considered to do my workshop.

    now I try to do the workshop as 200 points.

    And I need to try hard. is 200 points

    With enjoying.

    Total will be 1000 point.

    I will get 1000 points!!

    Persons who learned Reiki,

    they know the Five Principles.

    They are:

    Only today,

    Do not be Untried,

    Do not be Worried,


    Try your Best to everything,

    Give your Kindness to others.

    How many treat points can you get?

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • On 26th February Event is so unique.





    On 26.February, Sun. Workshop at DOJYO.

    The detail is here.

    Now booking here

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • Wha--!!


    I do not eat meat.

    But sometimes I would like to eat not pure Vegetable.

    This is I found out from my friends face book, OIKWA-san.


    This is using paper.

    Somebody said, "there is not impossible in this world".

    It is true, isn't it?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Japan.

    Image result for usui mikao reiki
    Reiki was born in Japan by Japanese Usui Mikao, picture.

    Would like to know about more Japan?
    Click please.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • January, special! special! & special.!

    Special Rose ticket

    January Free Reiki healing will be finished soon.

    Appointment please.

    Come to see,

    Come to feel,

    Come to understand,

    If you have not enough feeling, no pay reiki fee till your satisfaction.

    Nowaday, what a lot of unhealthy people are!

    Don't wait your unwell.

    Reiki help your healthy & happy life.
  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Noriko's Reiki fee is free.


    Noriko Kikuchi My Home page:

    Facebook //

    -Reiki Cerhttps: tified Master/Teacher(NZ)
    -Reiki Inc Member (NZ)
    -Kundalini Yoga Certified Teacher of 3HO (USA)
    -Kundalini yoga Certified Teacher of Alliance (USA)
    -Hypnotherapist Certified TS (Japan)
    -Meditation classes
    -Contact to Noriko

    Have you ever have like this question?


    "I have heard REIKI".

    "I need for my health, but I do not know only healing or learning?"

    Almost people have like this question about Reiki.

    I know why most people have question.

    Because we can not see Reiki.

    If you see Reiki, you will be able to decide which is best for own.

    Reiki energy gives so relax.

    If you know Reiki more & more deeply, you will be surprised & you may call "fantastic!!".

    So, If you come to me at least once a week & about three month,

    you can understand Reiki from feeling.

    As if you see Reiki.

    As if reiki is by masic.

    Come to see,

    Come to feel,

    Come to understand,

    After you have enough feeling, pay reiki fee with your satisfaction.

    Nowaday, what a lot of unhealthy people are!

    Don't wait your unwell.

    Reiki help your healthy & happy life.

    Thank you for reading.
  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Be relax.


    Be relax !

    Very good Video. Please see.

    Click here

    * Index *
    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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