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  • My fault.

    YUU 20170603_141745

    Recently I knew my fault..

    It is about a registration fee of dog.

    My dog is already his sex surgery.

    So, I thought my dog is middle sex.

    Do not laugh.

    I applied as sex is middle about 8 years ago.

    Registration fee was $63/a year.

    My neighbour show the newspaper recently about registration fee.

    If sex was surgeried & room dog, fee is $36/a year as good gog.

    I did not know this information.

    So, I applied surgeried & room dog, as good dog with a photo.

    I learned I should read well the local newspaper with a high antenna of my ears & eyes.

    It is my fault.

    ($63-$36) x 8 years = $216

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  • True story of determination



    I was moved through her story.

    I am joining the friendship meeting once a week.

    At there,

    I met her about four months ago at there.

    Little by little, I used to talk with her.

    Some times I noticed she helped to make for our lunch.

    Some times I saw she was caring one old lady.

    Her fashions and are so simplicity.

    Also, she is no makeup.

    I felt & noticed she was different behavior.

    A few days ago, I had chance to talk.

    And I could ask her philosophy.

    She talked me with soft voice & worm story.

    "About 7 years ago, I was any no good behavior".

    "Drinking, smoking & no good daily life".

    But since she got a grand child, her mind was changed suddenly.

    Why was changed?

    She said, "I should change for my gland children".

    " I am one teacher for my gland children".

    Now she has 5 children.

    "Now I am a textbook of how to live for gland children".

    She had a many steps as awareness of human.

    "Still I am polishing my self".

    "I would like hep & support to other persons".

    After I came back at my home,

    my feeling was very good mood.

    I was so good feeling by to meet her.

    Awareness is not easy.

    But awareness will come to us simply & suddenly.

    By it, we need polish from our life.

    As one way, Kundalini yoga will help for your awareness.

    I always think, why we are living in this world?

    It is for awareness.

    I believe so.

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  • Many kind of Hypnotherapy.


    Hypnotherapy gives deep relaxation.

    And the relaxation time can go & can do with image of my talking.

    It means the relaxation will call away your strong vibration

    hidden your subconsciousness.

    If you come to Hypnotherapy group lesson,

    you can call way by yourself from your subconsciousness.

    And you can heal by yourself.

    It is very good!!

    Hypnotherapy group session will be open soon.

    At the old Fire station,

    30 Miriama Street, Taumarunui.

    Ask Noriko, click here.

    Have a enjoyable time with share.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Be quiet, & listen to your body.


    our body is talking, & listen to your body.

    It means our body knows our weakness point.

    And a parts of body, our hand put to weakness point for healing.

    When our hands put on body, let's have relax time.

    We can listen something through our hands.

    Reiki healing is like that.

    Good health is own treasure.

    Let's use own hands for healing of body & mind.

    Thank you for reading.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Japan.

    Image result for usui mikao reiki
    Reiki was born in Japan by Japanese Usui Mikao, picture.

    Would like to know about more Japan?
    Click please.

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  • Do you have good memory on Dec?

    Christmas Tree 4

    Tomorrow is 1/December.

    I remember Last year was my big event year for my life.

    Especially I moved here that was in December.

    This year, in Dec. I will go to Japan with relaxed my life situation.

    I will make good memory.

    Our life shows windy, fine day & nervous days.

    If you have some deep considering days,

    do not worry.

    Fine day will appear.

    Especially, make good memory

    on Dec. and Christmas day for own life.

    The day passed quickly.

    I am living in Taumarunui.

    As if it is dream for me.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • For Vegetarian persons.

    20161121_125116 (1)

    How to make by slow cooker.

    1 Washing Soy beans (500g)

    2 Soaking into water & slow cooker for one night.

    3 First day, slow cooker on about eight hours.

    4 Second day, slow cooker about eight hours.

    5 After drain got soy beans, put one package fermented NATTO of shop.

    6 Mix as soon as you can do.

    7 Put into a warm box. I used a hot bottle.

    8 24 hours later...... Success!

    This fermented natto is real nice taste.

    Smell is not strong Natto smell.

    Though I like smell NATTO.

    NATTO is plenty textured vegetable protein.

    And not so expensive food.

    I recommend for vegetarian persons.
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  • YUU-chan With Reiki

    P1120937.jpg P1120919.jpg

    He likes Reiki. 彼はReikiga だいすき。

    Every morning, I am doing Reiki of Distance healing with Yoga time.
         毎朝 霊気の遠隔ヒーリングをヨガと一緒にやっているんです。

    Yuu is model of Distance healing.
      彼、ユウちゃんは いつも遠隔の代理人になってもらってます。

    He shows me always happy sleeping beside me.
    Then, I was healed always by him. その時は いつも私は彼に癒されます。

    Everybody, once try to do Reiki with a dog.

    How to do? Please ask me.
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  • Windows 10

    Copy of 20160427_212053

    Suddenly windows 10 pop up.

    And it was started by own self.

    I was so surprised, and I had a little bit panicky.

    What do I do?

    I could not stop as arrow of mouse could not find out.

    After around 40 minutes, windows 10 appeared.

    Now everything are going well.

    My feeling was easy.

    Now my PC is normal working.

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  • About IPU

    I was so glad to had trip to IPU Universuty.

    This uni is private which is held by Japanese.

    The OMATSURI-festival was so nice planning.

    I remembered when I was living in Japan.

    This festival was reminded in Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka for me.

    It was fantastic event.

    I had fun so much, and

    see photos, below.

    I felt I am Japanese.

    20160528_140444.jpg 20160528_140436.jpg Palmerstom North shopping mall. It is big shopping Center.







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  • without YUU.

    Food: Two times; Moning & Evening.

    Toilet: Three times; about 9am, 5pm and 10pm

    A bed, A container for water & food.

    He knows some words; No, Go, Stay, Got bed, Go home,

    Good boy, Drink water & some Japanese words.

    Thank you for care of YUU to neighbor, Alan & Ann.

    I feel he is good boy.

    But I am anxious, if he doesn't toilet in their rooms.

    Fee is $15/a day

    I will go out one night two days without YUU

    for the OMATSURI-fastival at IPU University in Palmerston North.

    On 27th is OMATSURI-festival to 9 pm.

    And 28th is shopping at "Central Mall", Cinemas to watch a movie,

    and come home.

    I could know this university from

    Taumarunui High school teacher of Japanese language.

    Since I moved to Taumarunui,

    I have quite a lot of chance to talk Japanese language

    with Taumarunui High school, Japanese language's teacher & students.

    I enjoyed Japanese language time at High school students.

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  • Cut? or prune?

    6 May Galaxy 2016-05-03 008 6 May Galaxy 2016-05-03 006

    This tree is fijor.

    I can not write spell of tree's name properly, sorry!!

    I have gotten a lot of fruits from this tree.

    They were sweet and nice taste.

    Now I need knowledge how to trim for next year.

    I would like to care as small tree.


    My trimming will be success for fruit, I wonder?.

    I asked one Kiwi.

    He said if you like your wanted size, cut.

    But I like Japanese way.

    I would like to save important branches for fruits.

    What branches??

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  • To kill animal.

    20160507_172208.jpg For YUU's food

    20160507_172057.jpgAm I vegetarian? However I like teriyaki tasted lever & kidneys.

    Two days ago, Gary went hunting to Owhango bush near my house.

    He was preparing hunting tools, especially GPS.

    Since one week ago, he bought & learned how to use it.

    Sometimes he couldn't understand how to use GPS.

    Sometimes discovered how to use it.

    At last he went hunting with GPS.

    Tha day,

    It was 4 pm, he didn't come back.

    5 pm, still he didn't come back.

    It became dark.

    I was very anxioused.

    I wonder he could not understand GPS?

    Before 6 pm, He came home.

    With one young goat.

    My feeling was one side was glad for hunting.

    Another side was sadness for a young goat.

    He said, " hunting is very enjoyably sport.

    But to kill animals, I feel it is uncomfortable".

    And he said more,

    "Now lots of animal meat were soled at shop".

    We kill lot and lot of animals.

    And he had silent.

    Once upon a time,

    We needed to hunt for our foods.


    many animal are cultivated, and are killed.

    Sometimes we through way to rubbish from over much of foods.

    While eating, I played to nature, and a goat.

    "Thank you".

    However, how beautiful taste it is!!

    "Thank you".

    I forgot my vegetarian life.

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  • Thank you Nida-san

    Copy of 20160427_212053

    I have three PC.

    One is a desktop.

    I bought it 5, 6 years ago.

    This is main PC which is very good working.

    Other one is 11'' net PC. I bought 5,6 years ago. Very good condition, too.

    Another one 12.5'' small PC, I had to buy recently from one reason.

    Because, HDMI of Net PC cable is not sold.

    It means it became old model, sorry.

    Nowadays, especially PC technology is quickly changed to high level.

    If we buy new PC now, it will be old model after 3 months or six months later.

    I am swung my daily life by new PC about one month.

    Every data need to move to new PC, like house moving.

    It is a big job for me.

    Of cause, I ordered PC specialist in Taumarunui.

    Unfortunately he could not success to move my Data to new PC from old PC.

    I am lucky to have specialist in CHCH.

    His name is NIIDA-san of CHCH.

    I got a lot of advice from NIIDA PC business person.

    At last, I could use new PC.

    Thank you for advice to NIIDA-san.

    His supporting is so useful for my questions.

    Even it is distance from here to CHCH, it is no problem.

    I will recommend him to you.

    Even PC technician needs to understand what does customer want?

    Niida-san knows them.

    Thank you again.

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  • Wha~~~~~~! I could!!!!! I am glad!!!!!!


    20160416_142705 (1)

    20160416_144052.jpg Rugby game.

    At Last I found how to move photos from Galaxy to Blog.

    WA~~~~~ !! I could!!!, and success!!

    This is one of Japanese style expression of delight word.

    English way is "Whao-!", I wonder?

    This is test.

    How many days I spend time for moving!!

    I am happy!!

    Anyway, these tree photos:

    On 16th, after Free Market was finished, I went the Doc Park

    with OKONOMIYAKI & YUU-chan.

    This park is a lot of stones.

    I got big round stones & small round stones for decoration of my garden.

    On my going home, many young people were playing rugby games.

    Even not professional game, it is the first time to see it with my eyes.

    It was fun.

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  • My big events

    Taumarunui download Out door spots are fun in summer season. This liver is the Wanganui liver. Now wanganui liver is good fishing season.

    I had big events for my new house.

    One was roof painting of main house.

    Second was Garage door, roof painting.

    Third was three rooms new carpet.

    On 7th/April, three rooms were installed new carpet at last.

    Installed carpet was a big job from ordering to payment.

    The carpet shop is the Carpet Mill.

    Their job was finished without any problem.

    I am happy.

    Next my planning are to make veges garden & to plant 4 or 5 fruits tree.

    My planning is infinitive, isn't it?

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  • My camera.

    20160318_142841[1] I belonged the "SeniorNet"club.

    My camera was broken suddenly.

    This photo was taken by Galaxy S3.

    I imported from Galaxy to this blog page.

    It was so difficult to move through new technique for me.

    Because all photos were imported with different angle.

    I was searching & searching why it was happened , it was almost for two days.

    So, I could not do other my schedule for two days.

    Still I need understand more, though.

    I said "thank you for patient" to my mind.

    Good learning!!

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Relax

    20160313_133812.jpg Pumpkin's seeds are growing. Now I found three punpkin's balls.

    20160313_133640.jpg When I moved this house, this tree was dead. But like this, new leaves give to make smile face to me. It is pretty, isn't it?

    20160313_133528.jpg I found stones around river. I asked "may I get them?" I heard "yes". I put beside plants. Very success.

    Today is so quiet.

    I wonder nobody is not living here?

    Sun-sama is flowing warm & soft air into my backyard.

    Two white butterflies are sporting beside the green grass.

    Real peaceful!!.

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  • Like beach???


    DSCN4117.jpg My eyes couch the lavish bin. it is drawn the joined liver.
    I wonder you can see it?

    B&B owner, my first friend said.

    "My wife likes mountains, like Taumarunui".

    And "I like sea view".

    "Go to liver where Whanganui liver & Ongarue liver are joined".

    He talked childlike excitement like getting treasure with smile.

    Soon, I went at there.

    I appreciated him, but it was not sea, like Ruakaka.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • OKONOMIYAKI party of IAN-teacher








    14thJan, Sun. was Wellcome twoJapanese high school students.

    Ian-teacher had welcome party with OKONOMIYAKI Party.

    It was so delicious Ian-way OKONOMIYAKI.

    I was surprised pork meat was cubic cutting.

    Of cause, we can not buy cut thrice meat, like in Japan.

    It was so delicious OKONMIYAKI.

    One of Japanede host mother made a lot of a banquet.

    Instinctively, I got pictures.


  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Japanese class of Taumarunui high school



    Ian Japanese teacher was invited me to come to his class.

    Class is 15 students.

    I remembered that my daughter stayed at my penfriend's house of America
    in her summer holiday, about for 40 days.

    After she came back home, I was so surprised with her English ability.
    Then she was Junior high school one grad.
    Young age is quickly learning.

    So, these class students will be treasure in there life with
    Japanese language, I am sure.

    While young ages they need a lot of any experiences are so important, aren't them?

    みなさん がんばってくださいね。
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  • Re-new garage.


    When I moved here, I was so surprided to hear that.

    It is, garage technician said, "this garage house is warped".
    He showed the parts.
    The reason is, he said " the builder made wrong scale".
    I was so disappointed to here that.

    my friend tried hard to pull garage's post by using his 4wcar.
    It took almost two days under the hot day.
    At last garage doors are like new.
    Now I can use easily, and I am using every day.

    Thank you for your effort.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Shopping

    DSCN4082.jpg DSCN4081.jpg
    DSCN4084 - Copy DSCN4086.jpg

    Whanganui town is quite big town, about 50,000 population, I think.
    I visited by friends'd car for shopping.
    It was for two hours one way long trip.
    It is for longtime ago of since last year.

    There are all big shops.

    I felt sky is big compare Taumarunui.
    I can see river beside town.
    I like this town.
    I wonder I move again to this town?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Love


    Till 14th of Valentine's day,

    my meditation is "Love".

    Mantra is "SAT KARTAR".

    This mantra will teach me the core of love in Kundalini Yoga.

    If we understand core of "love",

    relationship become sweet & war is gone.

    Is your feeling separate?
    Is your feeling isolated?
    Is your feeling closed?
    Would you like to be that your feeling is deeper sense of unity?

    "SAT KARTAR" mantra meditation gives these answers by practice.

    Valentine'day is a good opportunity to think love

    and also what is the true love?

    Try this mantra every day with loud voice & simple movement.

    If you are interested in it, please ask me by e-mail from my website.

    "LOVE"....... sound is very good!,isn't it?

    To write in English, this subject was one of difficult description for me.
    It is study time for my English.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • To my English teacher


    Hi Marion,

    Thank you for thinking of me.

    I couldn't use mobile phone for one month half. Recently at last I could get my number without change, 027 715 2121.
    I was using the Vodafone. But Vodafone signal is almost dead. So, I had to change to the Spark. I had a lot of stress from no phone.
    However, I could meet a nice neighbor through problem of Vodafone. And my life settle down through his support & his wife, too.

    Also, I had two big troubles. They are Garage & carpet.
    I had good lessons about Inspector & agent.
    Garage was fixed by my friend, Gary.
    Carpet is not yet. Carpet technician is only one in Taumarunui. The shop is so busy. My neighbor and me are trying to find out one from other town. Well, it will be , will be.

    Taumarunui society looks Japan society. Small town makes small society. It means closed society.
    I like open society person. But, now I met Japanese speaking person, & I will belong the Senior net class. Today I became friendly with other yoga teacher.
    Little by little, my human relations might make up comfortable my life. ✌

    However, I am so busy every day. Why I am so busy? From age? I wake up at 6:30am, and already now it is midnight.
    I am lucky I can spend the day without big stress.

    I have face book. You will be able to see a part of my life.

    It hot day every day.
    Take car of your self for you & classmates, please.

    My English is OK, I wonder?
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  • To meet somebodies are my treasure.


    Maybe Japanese is only me in Taumarunui.

    Also, good Japanese speaker may be only him.

    We talked for one hour more at coffee shop.

    I could meet him through my neighbor.

    In our world, there is not any coincidence.

    I will look back recently for my life, since I moved in Taumarunui,

    I had the Vodafone mobile trouble.

    But I need the phone as communication tool.

    Then, the Chorus company visited me for my broadband connection.

    He introduced one PC technician for my disconnected mobile phone.

    PC's father introduced main member of the senior net PC club.

    The senior club is famous PC learning club in NZ for 60+ old.

    I was one of the member in Ruakaka & CHCH.

    The main member's person is living in one minute walking from my house.

    He & his wife introduced him.

    What a good story, like this, I had in Taumarunui!

    To meet somebodies are one of gifts from nature,

    And to meet somebodies are treasure of my life.

    I am happy to meet him.

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  • Bush in national park

    DSCN4042.jpg DSCN4046.jpg I found out this one. Name??? I do not know, though this plant is
    so famous in NZ.

    My friend came over with his tools, again.

    This time is he will paint on the garage's roof.

    Before he starts his work, we went bush in national park.

    The national park is 30 minutes from my house.

    Very nice bush air.

    Inhale from deeply.

    Here, air is so very beautiful & soft.

    We walked about two hours without tiredness.







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  • My daughter


    続きを読む »

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  • Inspection

    Three carpets were worn.
    My feeling is shocked, isn't it?
    When I buy this house, I checked well.
    But I did not check under beds.
    I thought a nice old style carpet.
    However, when I moved, every beds had gone.
    "What is this?"
    Three carpets are not good condition.
    I should look even under furniture.
    But now,
    It is too late.
    I have to order new carpet.
    There is a carpet shop only one in Taumarunui town.
    I heard the shop is expensive fee.
    I try to find one more carpet installer for comparison estimate.
    I asked & asked to every I meet persons.
    "Do you know carpet installer?"
    Every day busy,
    But everyday is a lot of learning.

    続きを読む »

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  • How cute strawberries are!


    It is a hot day every day.

    I try to give water to plants.

    Every plants are fine.

    Especially, I always touch a bunch of strawberry with my hand.

    I picked cute red color though they are small.

    I give water, and they give treats, don't they?

    * Index *
    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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