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  • NEW START!! Reiki & Hypnotherapy group session.



    Fire Station baea86b2-a6df-43aa-94e8-4d6bc8e1c7cf_wo

    REIKI & HYPNOTHERAPY Group Session.

    At last!! It is one of my dreams.

    I can open NEW class from

    on 3rd/July.

    Every Mon.

    At 4:30-5:30pm

    At the Old Fire Station.

    30 Miriama St. in Taumarunui town.

    Please have your blanket.

    And KOHA.

    Human body has a lot of own healing energy.

    I would like to recommend to use own healing energy in your life.

    The first step is you should understand how effect to you with own healing energy.

    So, I decided to open Reiki & Hypnotherapy group session.


    heart problem,




    Phobia disorder,

    And others, more.

    Try it once.

    If you have question, please ask & click here.

    To Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/noriko.kikuchi.967
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  • Success!!





    On 26th Feb. At DOJYO in OWHANGO, Taumarunui.

    My workshop was assessed by interested persons.

    It was workshop of short time sessions.

    Short time workshop gives more interest to clients, as same it makes us mouth water.

    I would like keep up friendship by this meeting of DEAI, 出合い。

    As next step, I would like to make Group Kundalini Yoga in Owhango.

    Also, I would like to make plan for Reiki session at Dojyo.

    My dream is expanding.

    Thank you for joining persons.

    Let's see you again, soon.
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  • My 30 minutes session.


    I already let to start for 30 minutes x 5 times Self-Healing & Healing sessions.

    This session is depending on client's condition of own skills & body condition.

    According my experience, I can advice to dividual client what sessions is best for them.

    My ultimate goal is that Reiki, Kundalini Yoga & hypnosis therapy are used in client's, in own life.

    Reiki five principle.

    One of them,

    Only today, try to my best.

    So, I will try my best.

    This is 200 points for my treat. ( Smile)
    Three Free ticketVIP-Gift-Packages-150x150

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  • On 26th February Event is so unique.





    On 26.February, Sun. Workshop at DOJYO.

    The detail is here.

    Now booking here

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  • Noriko's Reiki fee is free.


    Noriko Kikuchi My Home page: www.kikuartfashions.co.nz

    Facebook //www.facebook.com/noriko.kikuchi.967

    -Reiki Cerhttps: tified Master/Teacher(NZ)
    -Reiki Inc Member (NZ)
    -Kundalini Yoga Certified Teacher of 3HO (USA)
    -Kundalini yoga Certified Teacher of Alliance (USA)
    -Hypnotherapist Certified TS (Japan)
    -Meditation classes
    -Contact to Noriko

    Have you ever have like this question?


    "I have heard REIKI".

    "I need for my health, but I do not know only healing or learning?"

    Almost people have like this question about Reiki.

    I know why most people have question.

    Because we can not see Reiki.

    If you see Reiki, you will be able to decide which is best for own.

    Reiki energy gives so relax.

    If you know Reiki more & more deeply, you will be surprised & you may call "fantastic!!".

    So, If you come to me at least once a week & about three month,

    you can understand Reiki from feeling.

    As if you see Reiki.

    As if reiki is by masic.

    Come to see,

    Come to feel,

    Come to understand,

    After you have enough feeling, pay reiki fee with your satisfaction.

    Nowaday, what a lot of unhealthy people are!

    Don't wait your unwell.

    Reiki help your healthy & happy life.

    Thank you for reading.
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  • Photos / 雨の日の写真。

    20160826_134458.jpg 20160826_134416.jpg
    Peach park of Taumarunui. Here is 10 minutes from my house.

    These picture are beautiful peach trees was blooming in the rainy day.

    I will do event of Taumarunui at here. 
    ここで Reiki & Yoga の イベントをやります。

    See my Web

    Be healthy & happy. 健康で幸せになれ~!!

    Thank you for reading from Reiki Healer & teacher.

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  • You might a nice friend at Taumarunui Event.いい友達とも出会いるかも。

    CIMG2453.jpg This photo is the Kurama Temple of Reiki, in Kyoto Japan. from my memory photo.

    Gather interested friends!!! さぁ、みなさん 集まりましょう!!!

    Do you know how to do Reiki & Yoga? どうやって 霊気やヨガをするのか ご存知?

    How different my Reiki & Yoga? Reiki to Yoga って どうちがうのかな?

    Feel aura from me at event, here. このイベント場で 私のオーラーを 感じてね。

    Beside river in Taumarunui / Unhealthy or healthy, without age & sex.  
    With dog, too.       Dogも大歓迎、いっしょにしましょ!

    *************** 詳しいこと書きます。

    Oct 26 at 10 AM to Oct 27 at 11:30 AM

    At Cherry Grove Park.

    check Map, below the address.

    Cherry Grove Rd, Taumarunui 3920

    With Reiki & also easy & simple yoga self therapy.

    Dog is welcome an join this session..

    Please let me attendance, if possible.

    Have enjoy relaxed time O to meet people at beside river. with dog.

    Fee is Koha or anything of your mind.


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  • I will open Gentle Yoga work shop.

    I will open K-Yoga work shop at Recreation Center.

    I will open GENTLE YOGA WORK SHOP in June.

    The recreation Center recommended "Noriko open Yoga lesson".

    So, I am going to have teaching Yoga according my life situation.

    Get refresh energy with noon time Yoga.

    June Work shop Calender:
    1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd.
    At Recreation Center
    At 12pm to 1pm

    Fee is $10, but discounted by condition.
    Please ask me.

    Please get refresh energy with Yoga.
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  • April is my final Yoga lessons.

    DSCN3102.jpg How are you?

    Hi Yoga Friends!!

    How are you?

    Since I moved in One Tree Point from CHCH quakes, I had Kundalini Yoga classes.

    April class, 13th & 20th will be last classes of you.

    I am going to move in South Taranaki area.

    So, everybody!

    Please come, and get a final Yoga lesson of Noriko.

    I will teach from my deep gratitude.


    About Kundalini Yoga class

    April classes; On 13th & 20th. Only two times.

    At the Recreation Center
    Every Monday morning: Gentle Yoga, at 10am to 11am
    Every Monday evening: Lively Yoga, at 6pm to 6:45pm

    A lesson fee is $7.50 by tickets.
    Without ticket is $10

    Lt's see you at Yoga class.


    Also, I will continue to make newsletter & my website.
    If you keep URL in your computer, I am happy.
    If you have questions, please send e-mail from URL.
    I will answer as soon as possible I can do.

    The URL of newsletter http://waosmile.blog102.fc2.com/
    The URL id my homepage http://kikuartfashions.co.nz/
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  • On next Mon, 9th/Mar. is Yoga class.



    There is Kundalini Yoga class every Monday in March.

    March is already Autumn season.

    Let's keep health for cold winter season.

    I am looking forward to seeing you.

    A good health is most important more than money.

    If no good health,

    even we have a lot of money,

    we can not spend high quality life.

    My life is quite quality life now.

    I think Kundalini Yoga support me.

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  • Can you sit down on a cold lock for three years?

    DSCN3106.jpg DSCN3248.jpg


    Last Yoga class was 7 peoples.

    However, my class will be closed soon.

    Maybe it will be finished by one more lesson.

    Recently it is increasing that some people ask about my class of Yoga & Meditation.

    We say " Even if we are siting down on the cold rock for three years,

    the rock become worm."

    It means "be patient at least for three years."

    It is true, since I came here it became three years.

    I will start again at new place with patient for three years.

    Most important is to keep going on healthy & high quality life for me.

    Yoga is best one for it.

    Especially Kundalini Yoga is.

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  • Sunday market on 18/Jan


    DSCN3226.jpg DSCN3225.jpg



    It was so busy for Reiki clients.

    A lot of people came from Auckland.

    Also, many people an interested in Reiki healing.

    My experience is increasing more & more.

    I have perfect confidence in my Reiki technique.

    Experience is important to anything, not only Reiki.
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  • on 26th Mon.Yoga classes & 28th Wed. Meditation class are canceled.

    Hi Yoga & Meditation friends,


    How are you?
    I am good, though my car is repareing at car shop.

    So, on 26th Mon.Yoga classes & 28th Wed. Meditation class are canceled.
    Let's see you 2nd/Feb. Monday Yoga classes & on 4th/Feb. Wed meditation class.
    Until then, have exercises at home. When you meet at class, please show me.

    Let's see you again with new month, Feb.

    If you send back e-mail for confirmation, I am a happy.
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  • Yoga & Meditation class are cancel.


    Hi Yoga & Meditation friends,

    Next week:
    on 19th Morning & evening yoga are cancel.
    on 21st meditation class is cancel.

    Everyone, try Yoga & Meditation at home.

    My car is fixed. It takes for one week.

    Let's see you on 26th Yoga & 28th meditation.

    I am ashamed of myself. I had hit at my entrance.

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  • To clients, "Merry Christmas & Happy New year 2015"

    DSCN3045.jpg A Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year 2015!!!

    2015 year!
    I will welcome everybody to my classes & Reiki Healing event.

    On 3rd Monday January 2015,
    Morning Gentle Yoga class at 10 am.
    Evening Genki Yoga class at 6 pm.

    On 15th Wednesday January 2015,
    Morning Easy Meditation class at 10:30 am.

    On 3rd Friday January 2015,
    Event "the Twilight Fun-Fest"
    at Bream Bay College, 3:30pm - 8:00pm.
    My space is Reiki Healing & takeaway the OKONOMI-YAKI.

    Please come over with your friends & family.
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  • Hi Yoga friends!

    DSCN1283.jpg This photo is last Christmas. The day passed quickly.

    Hi Kundalini Yoga friends,

    How are you?

    My K-Yoga class is growing a little by little. I am happy. Thank you for attendances.

    After Yoga, Yogi tea gives relax for us, doesn't it?

    Do you like Yoga song?
    You can listen, click "May the long time " by YouTube, though version is different of me.

    Also I sent two attachments. please open them, below my e-mail.
    One is "May the long time".
    Other is Gold chain mantra means OWN NAMO GURU ....

    Class schedule:
    About class of both morning Gentle Yoga class & evening Genki Yoga class.

    December class is three lessons.
    They are on 1st. 8th 15th.
    Let's close 2014 with breath of fire & sing a song of "May the long time".
    So, practice Breath of fire & please remember the song.

    Opening class: January of 2015 New year.
    Let's start from 12th/Jan.

    My newsletter, please click index of my blog.
    **Noriko's Classes & Events News** (16)
    **Health & healing** (41)
    **Daily** (319)
    **Cooking** (23)
    **Talking to myself** (17)
    **Music Club Ruakaka** (5)

    You can know my life style by above.

    Have a nice daily life, please.
    Let's see you next Monday class on 1st/Dec.
    Noriko Kikuchi
    My Home page: www.kikuartfashions.co.nz
    -Reiki Certified Master/Teacher(NZ)
    -Reiki Inc Member (NZ)
    -Kundalini Yoga Certified Teacher of 3HO (USA)
    -Kundalini yoga Certified Teacher of Alliance (USA)
    -Hypnotherapist Certified TS (Japan)
    -Meditation classes
    - Dressmaking Certificated Teacher (Japan)

    E-mail: 4heartchakra@gmail.com  
    Contact: Mobile 027 715 2121
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  • Oct 27. Marsden cove market

    投げたピンクのボールをくわえて戻ってきたYuuちゃん。くわえてうれしそうです。 P1000003.jpg

    Yuuちゃんとボール遊び DSCN2941.jpg

    Today five clients visited for Reiki healing.

    Also ten OKONOMI-YAKIs were soled.

    It was a nice market day.
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  • Meditation class


                   Meditation Morning class.

                                 Every Wednesday

                                    At 10:30am

                      When finished, a cup of Japanese tea.

                       Fee is $7.50. Buy tickets from Noriko.

                            At Recreation Centre First floor.

                       Sit down on the floor with own mat.

                     Take your blanket or sit on chair, please.

    Please see my web "Welcome Meditation pages!"

    Add on your calender "Meditation day" as your family event. 

    Go to more detail, web site, Meditation.

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  • Progress & Keep up with K-Yoga !!

    DSCN2876.jpg DSCN2875.jpg  DSCN2874.jpg  DSCN2872.jpg

    On 6th Oct 2014 Monday Gentle Yoga class.

    After Yoga, we had Lemon-therapy for feet

    with a cup of Yogi tea.

    We had a friendly time.

    Good news !!

    One of my students, who could not rocking chair pose.

    Today she could do it.

    Little by little my students progress to flexible of body

    through keeping up class.

    Feeling good.

    It means "SAT NAM of I can do & I could do"

    Mantra effect to action.


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  • My blog

    YUU is waiting into my car while I am teaching in class. He is a nice boy.

    Since I started to write in English on my this blog, it have been four month more.

    I am surprised with my self that I could write in English as newsletter for my class.

    However, it is not easy to write off for me.

    Recently, my editing of English became a little bit faster than four months ago.

    I will keep up!!

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  • On 19th & 27th are Market day.

    DSCN2802.jpg My pet
    Yuu joined my booth as healing dog. He was a charmer.


    September Sunday Market was

    42 booths involved in Sunday market.

    Even whether was not so good.

    October is two times market:

    On 19th, third Sunday at 9am to 1pm.

    On 27th Monday Labour day at 9am to 1pm.

    My booth is Reiki Healing & short meditation.

    Also, I will sell "OKONOMIYAKI"

    Please check my booth.

    Everybody welcome to my booth!!

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  • More students power!

    DSCN2795.jpg DSCN2797.jpg



    KY Room IMG_0939

    At Ruakaka recreation centre,

    I have two Yoga classes & a Meditation class.

    The center is so nice room condition and a nice out side view.

    After class, we have a cup of Yogi tea.

    My class are friendly.

    Join my classes.

    Thank you for reading.

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  • September Free market.


    Yuu participated as a Healing Dog. Many people an interested in his character. He looked like understand as a healing dog.
    Many people talked to him more than I of my business.

    22nd was Marsden Cove Sunday Free Market.

    As might have been expected, there was a lot of booth.

    Because, it become summer.

    I heard, in summer season a lot of people come over to this free market.

    Especially, a lot of people come from Auckland.

    It will take one hour more by car from Auckland to here.

    Why I do not know my feeling was no excited as usually.

    Just as my expected, I had no chance to heal to clients.

    Next I will sell " Vegetaian OKONOMIYAKI" with permission of market.

    It is called the "GENKI-OKONOMIYAKKI".

    I am going to show my special ingredient.

    Though it is secret.

    Everybody, living in Aulkland & other place, please come over my booth!!!!

    Get nice tasty GENKI-OKONOMIYAKIs!!

    O! I became a nice feeling now.

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  • Let me know your answers, please.


    http://www.kikuartfashions.co.nz/ . This is my web site.

    When you found out my web site, what would you like to know from there about:

    F - Fees?

    D - Date & time?

    N - Noriko's experience?

    P - Place?

    O - Others ( What?             )

    Let me know your answer(s) from above F, D, N, P & O by my e-mail.
    My e- mail is:  click.
    If I get your answers, I am so happy.

    Thank you for your reading.


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  • Every Monday: Evening Yoga class of Spring season

     DSCN2337.jpg  Click this picture

    Evening Yoga class of Spring season.

    On 1st Sep, Monday.

    At 6 to 6:45 pm.

    At the Recreation Center 2F.

    Fee is $7.50 by tickets.

    Relax in my yoga class your tired body.

    Please call me, 027 715 2121.

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  • Meditation class day & time were changed.

    DSCN2553.jpg Noriko's pet, YUU is healing dog. YUU will heal to you.

    My Meditation class day & time is changed from 28th, Thursday to 27th, Wed.

    So, New class is:
    On 27th/August.
    At 9:30am to 10am.
    At Recreation center 2F.
    Fee is $7.50 with tickets. These are mutual ticket for Yoga, Reiki & Hypnotherapy.

    And every week, Wednesday is meditation class.
    After class let's have a cup of meditation tea.

    Do you clean in your rooms?
    So as same as your rooms, Meditation is cleaning of mind & spirit.

    Do you give the maintenance of your car?
    So as same as car maintenance, the Meditation is the maintenance tool of your health.

    Before darty rooms & before broken down your car,
    Let's check them, and your body, too.

    Understand meditation is strong power energy.

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  • At the Marina Sunday market.

    DSCN2616.jpg DSCN2616.jpg DSCN2617.jpg DSCN2625.jpg

    Today it was rainy & cold.

    I arrived event place around at 9 am.

    I set up like this display quickly.

    Yuu joined me as "Healing Dog" until 1 pm of finishing time.

    He was loved with many people.

    So, I could talk with quite many people through Yuu.

    I hope this talking could link my healing job.

    Thank you very much Yuu.

    I will always have my partition at same place.

    Please visit my place, and have an experience of healing.

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  • Come over my partition.


    Reiki, Meditation, K-Yoga & Hypnotherapy 

    On 17th August from 9 - 1pm. 

    At Marsden Cove, One Tree Point, near the marina.

    Entry is free.

    Come over and have relax with Reiki Healing.

    Come over and have experience of Meditation.
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  • I Join WINGS Event.


    Pamper Day Expo 2014
    16 August 2014 - 2:00pm - 8:00pm

    Noriko will do a meditation demonstration for 15 minutes on their stage.

    Leave your husband and kids at home and enjoy 6 hours of mini pampering treatments from top to toe. Each 15 or 30 minute session is approx $15.00 to $30.00 each. Treatments are manicure, pedicure, facials, massage, threading brows, henna tattooing, eye works,reiki & energy healing, Stallholders are EFT, nutritionist, pilates, chocolates, skincare, soaps, olive oil, jewellery, home products, 2nd hand clothing rack, making faces photo booth, licenced bar,entertainment and much more.

    This event is getting popular each year and is gaining momentum. It is not a day to miss! Pre buy your $5.00 VIP Entry ticket . Get your tickets at the Himalayan Trading Post, Hot n Juicy and Wings office at the Migrant Centre 71 Bank St. 09 430 3221 021 111 6711. Tickets go on sale now.

    Tell your Mother, tell a friend, your sister, colleague, aunt or cousin! Everyone deserves to be pampered! Rated 12 years and over.

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  • 20th July Marsden Cove Sunday Market phoptos.

    DSCN2530.jpg DSCN2531.jpg DSCN2532.jpg DSCN2535.jpg
    DSCN2540.jpg Weather was not good day. It was so heavy rainy day. We can see
    many kind of boats & sailboats from the market tent, even it is rainy day.
    DSCN2537.jpg My dog, YUU joined with me.

    * Index *
    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


    Recently news

    42022 Please click.

    • **Noriko's Classes & Events News**
    --年--月--日 (--)
    2017年02月28日 (火)
    2017年02月25日 (土)
    My 30 minutes session.
    2017年01月30日 (月)
    On 26th February Event is so unique.
    2017年01月22日 (日)
    Noriko's Reiki fee is free.
    2016年10月23日 (日)
    Photos / 雨の日の写真。
    2015年05月12日 (火)
    I will open Gentle Yoga work shop.
    2015年04月08日 (水)
    April is my final Yoga lessons.
    2015年03月08日 (日)
    On next Mon, 9th/Mar. is Yoga class.
    2015年01月24日 (土)
    Sunday market on 18/Jan
    2015年01月14日 (水)
    Yoga & Meditation class are cancel.
    2014年11月26日 (水)
    Hi Yoga friends!
    2014年11月02日 (日)
    Oct 27. Marsden cove market
    2014年10月16日 (木)
    Meditation class
    2014年10月09日 (木)
    Progress & Keep up with K-Yoga !!
    2014年10月07日 (火)
    My blog
    2014年10月05日 (日)
    On 19th & 27th are Market day.
    2014年10月05日 (日)
    More students power!
    2014年09月22日 (月)
    September Free market.
    2014年08月26日 (火)
    Let me know your answers, please.
    2014年08月17日 (日)
    At the Marina Sunday market.
    2014年08月16日 (土)
    Come over my partition.
    2014年07月30日 (水)
    I Join WINGS Event.
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