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  • [ **Oracle Card** ]
  • The sixth sense & psychic channel.

    Sep DSCN3599

    Talk to your self with these card without thinking

    by your sixth sense, also by your psychic channel.

    Your subconsciousness will be popped up with your talking.

    It is fun, isn't it?

    The left two cards are for your past life.
    The centre is your present life.
    The right card is your future.
    Hi, talk & talk without thinking from drawings & messages.

    These cards is 4 cards of 52 cards.

    They were pulled off by my fingers.

    So, these cards come over included deep meanings.

    In fact, these cards were selected for us.

    We are living into creation.

    I mean the sum of things are meanings.

    One count & one count in our life is treasure.

  • [ **Oracle Card** ]
  • One of three cards. "Body talk".


    Today I picked three cards.

    "Body talk"card show for our past life.
    When you see this card, be calm & close your eyes.
    Feel your hands, palms & also the tips of your fingers.
    And be relaxed.
    Look at your past life.
    Have you had a lot of happy life?
    And be relaxed.

    We have five senses.
    These five senses make positive & negative vibrations in our daily life.
    Even if it was a tiny happy vibration, remember it,
    And fill your body up with this happy vibration.
    With a smile on your face!

    And let's go to second card, "Cloak yourself in light".
    This card shows our present life.
    Close your eyes.
    And be relaxed with deep breathing.

    Make a vision of your happiness wrapping you in light.
    Even your tiny happiness will be expanding,
    Feel it.

    Next is third card "You're the Boss".
    This card shows your future.
    Be relaxed with deep long breathing.

    Only YOU are yourself.
    There is no other person like you.
    Believe your own intuition of sixth sense.
    You are the boss.
    You will have a strong positive vibration.

    You will be able to be a more individual, powerful person
    by using your senses with these three cards.
    Please try.
    These oracle cards are interesting, aren't they?

  • [ **Oracle Card** ]
  • Oracle card for on 30th.


    First card was "Seek Solitude".

    2nd Card was "Learn".

    3rd Card is "Cloak Yourself in Light".

    What can you get in your philosophy from three cards?

    Card is wonder,

    Cards are more wonder,

    Each card has some vibration, hasn't it?

    These three cards are talking to me.

    I say "yes" with a polite bow.

  • [ **Oracle Card** ]
  • "Clear the path" for tomorrow.


    When you walk the path tomorrow, look what kind of plant is growing?

    Our life is always busy.

    We forget easy to watch nature environment.

    Especially, small plants.

    Let's have 4 times deep breath.

    First deep breath is for past.

    Second deep breath is for present.

    Third deep breath is for future.

    Forth deep breath is for just now.


    You may find out how to get positive thinking from small plants of beside your foot.

    And let touch the plants.

    Plants have no brain.

    However, plants know ancient history of earth.

    We can learn from plants how to get power of life.

    I got positive energy from word of "path" in this card.

    Tomorrow, I will walk watching plants.

  • [ **Oracle Card** ]
  • Thank you for an oracle card.


    I got one card written "Remenber to Breathe No.10" from 52 oracle cards.

    This card will connect our five-senses & an intuition.

    So, talk with this card, & make question with this card.

    Our five-senses & our intuition are improved by these cards.

    And, we will make happy more.

    So, what do you talk with this card?

    What do you have questions by this card?

    From me;
    Yoga breathing
    If I forget breathe, I will die,
    No, I can not die for YUU.
    Baby's breathe.... soft, sweet, quiet, peace.
    Grown men's breathe.....zzzzz. Why zzzzz? (laughing)
    10 is my new place.
    I like 10 of number.
    Every thing is breathing, isn't it?
    Breathe is vibration, isn't it?
    Sad breath, worried breath, surprised breath, happy breath...
    So, I would like to have a nice breathe, today.
    Because, I will be happy today like this picture.
    Thank you for this card.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    The sixth sense & psychic channel.
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    One of three cards. "Body talk".
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    Thank you for an oracle card.
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