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  • Human

    DSCN2571.jpg Noon time I went a park with YUU. This park is near my house.
    A chewi was singing with nice voice. If no peaceful place, any birds can not sing.
    There are fighting countries now. Where are birds singing at, I wounder?

    DSCN2583.jpg We can not see well from this photo, though many birds were flying around the beach .
    But my eyes could catch flying birds & I could hear chirping. How peaceful it is!

    DSCN2584.jpg This is fig tree. There is no leaves. She is waiting spring with buds.
    Let's wait to be fruits. I will come over to get fruits.



    DSCN2578.jpg I saw falling down three big trees.
    Before falling down, these trees were making oasis for our world.
    After these trees return to earth.
    I would like to be a useful human.

    DSCN2577.jpg This big tree fall down by strong windy. But the tree still alive.
    How strong energy it is!!

    DSCN2575.jpg These trees were killed by chemical and by human. Even though, after they die, they return into earth.

    We are living in nature as same as trees.

    We can live more wisdom.

    Let's learn from nature.

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  • I Join WINGS Event.


    Pamper Day Expo 2014
    16 August 2014 - 2:00pm - 8:00pm

    Noriko will do a meditation demonstration for 15 minutes on their stage.

    Leave your husband and kids at home and enjoy 6 hours of mini pampering treatments from top to toe. Each 15 or 30 minute session is approx $15.00 to $30.00 each. Treatments are manicure, pedicure, facials, massage, threading brows, henna tattooing, eye works,reiki & energy healing, Stallholders are EFT, nutritionist, pilates, chocolates, skincare, soaps, olive oil, jewellery, home products, 2nd hand clothing rack, making faces photo booth, licenced bar,entertainment and much more.

    This event is getting popular each year and is gaining momentum. It is not a day to miss! Pre buy your $5.00 VIP Entry ticket . Get your tickets at the Himalayan Trading Post, Hot n Juicy and Wings office at the Migrant Centre 71 Bank St. 09 430 3221 021 111 6711. Tickets go on sale now.

    Tell your Mother, tell a friend, your sister, colleague, aunt or cousin! Everyone deserves to be pampered! Rated 12 years and over.
  • [ **Talking to myself** ]
  • Global warming?

    DSCN2555.jpg DSCN2556.jpg

    DSCN2554.jpg DSCN2560.jpg


    For a long time I didn't walk Ruakaka beach.

    I am surprised beach was narrow and sandy bank was undermined by sea water.

    Peoples say, "we never seen like this view".

    Gloval warming?

    If so, this sandy beach view will be so changed quickly.

    What should we do now for near the future?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • In door bawling is friendly group.



    Recently I belonged "In door bawls".

    We play for 3 hours with out break time.

    This group is one of senior age, up 60 years old, in Ruakaka.

    I really enjoy to play.

    I attended 2nd time today.

    Simple rule, and it is so fun.

    See youtube.

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • Carrots & potatoes soup



    DSCN2542.jpg Fry a onion & garlics with pinch salt & oil

    First photo is an electric cooker tool.

    This cooker is for pressure, sear, steam & slow cooking.

    I selected slow cooking for 8 hours.

    I was waiting to be finished 8 hours with exciting.

    How is soft, I wonder?

    After, I have to mash them.

    After 8 hours, they were not so soft.

    I tried pressure cooking for 10 minutes.

    Yes, they became so soft.

    After soft, I mashed using electric blender.

    Yes, soup was success.

    I am using it soup & OKONOMI-YAKI.


    I gave it to my friends.

    I hope they have enjoyable time with a cup of soup.

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • Tofu & Pumpkin Bread.



    I found out how to make "Tohu & Pumpkin bread"on Internet.

    1- Dry east 3g
    2- Sugar 20g
    3- Tohu 150g
    4- boiled Pumpkin
    5- Self-rising 215g
    6- Solt 3g
    7- Butter 30g
    8- Warmed Milk 50g
    9- Powder milk a small tea spoon

    From 1 to 9, all ingredients put at once into a Home Baking Machine.
    After three hours, bread process was done.
    It was so easy!!

    How was a bread taste?
    I like, and it was a nice taste for me.
    It is soft.
    After I have eaten it, I took pictures.
    It is not good picture, isn't it?

    I have to study more for more nice taste.

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • 20th July Marsden Cove Sunday Market phoptos.

    DSCN2530.jpg DSCN2531.jpg DSCN2532.jpg DSCN2535.jpg
    DSCN2540.jpg Weather was not good day. It was so heavy rainy day. We can see
    many kind of boats & sailboats from the market tent, even it is rainy day.
    DSCN2537.jpg My dog, YUU joined with me.

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Waipu tartan event.





    On 10th was the Waipu tartan event.

    Unfortunately it was from cloud to rainy with windy.

    Event room as cold and damp.

    Visitors were lesser more than last year.

    I put on my trouser, vest, hat of tartans, and also tablecloth.

    I gave Reiki healing a few people.

    Tomorrow on 20th, I will join the Marina sunday market.

    It may be rainy day, I wonder?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My tiny veges place.


    I planted six kinds of vegetable into flower pot.

    When I was living at 5 Shearwater, I made real vegetable garden.

    Lots of weed were growing quickly, and it was my experience at there, .

    I made a vegetable garden at new place, too.

    This way is very success.

    I can care of them so easy.

    I used veges many times already.

    They are fresh and nice green color.

    I am satisfied these vege garden(?)

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • In door bowling club.



    I belonged 60's group.

    This group is almost retired person.

    One of this group, she called and recommended

    the "indoor bowing group" of the Recreation center.

    Maybe I could see nice persons, I thought.

    So, I attended this sport.

    It was for three hours without break time.

    I like this sport, and I met nice persons.

    I will join next week.

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • Two kinds of snack

    DSCN2515.jpg I took a picture at night. Color is not real thing.


    Today I made sweet snack a kumura & an apple, and grapefruit & an apple.

    I used the rice cooker to both.

    Both wrer so simple & easy cooking.

    Kumura snack was a nice taste for snack.
    Grapefruit snack was a little bit bitter. But it was nice taste.

    To both;
    One kumura, one apple and one grapfruit & one apple .... cut big size.
    Wine vinegar... one big spoon.
    Sugar ...... one big spoon.
    Wine ..... one big spoon.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My favorite beach near Waipu.



    This beach is my favorite.

    I found a pair chair on the sound beach.

    As if chairs were waiting the persons who sit down the chairs.

    I set down.

    I felt as if I was a queen.

    I had rich time with chairs.

    Yuu-chan is a king, I wonder?....Laughing.

    These chairs were smashed by the strong storm recently.

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • Rolled cabbages


    Winter season, cabbages are an expensive .

    However, I bought one whole cabbage of middle size.

    It was about $3.

    I made Vegetarian Rolled cabbages & pickles.

    I used a pressure cooker for rolled cabbages.

    It was about for 20 minutes.

    Every vegetable were cooked nicely taste and soft.

    The flavor was Japanese style of Noriko.

    I used Soy sauce, Soy past, Mirin & Wine.

    Cabbage pickles were preserved vinegar & a little bit sugar.
    One night I kept them into refrigerator.
    I hope they may be succeeded.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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