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  • Both birds were my pet.

    僕 桜です。今からシャワーよ。恥ずかしいなぁ! Name is Sakura-chan

     Momo-chan Name is Momo-chan.

    These photos are about 6, 7 years ago.

    Both are so beautiful tame & big size birds.

    Sice they were baby, I had care of both with Arther.

    After Arther passed away, I tryed to care of them.

    Bird is time two energy of a dog for care.

    At last I gave up, and I asked to care of both to friend's friend.

    What are they doing?

    I wonder both are fine?

    I wonder both remenber me?

    I am thinking with my emotion.


  • [ **Daily** ]
  • On TV "Called the midwife"


    My favorite TV program was started from Aug.

    This movie is period drama, about 50 years ago.

    I am an interested in every midwife tools, compered 50 years ago & nowadays.

    It is only 50 years ago.

    However, I was surprised development of technology.

    Also, I like fashions.

    This program is every Sun. at 8:35pm channel one.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Yoga is useful a self-maintenance tool.

    DSCN2657.jpg I could do "Tree pose" on a piece of wood.

    DSCN2651.jpg This pose is useful for maintenance of adrenal glands.

    DSCN2655.jpg Flower meditation of Pushma Kria. This is useful for infinitive mental process.

    DSCN2659.jpg Water is clearly, isn't it?

    My Yoga experience is about 29 years.

    My breathing is already trained by Kundalini Yoga.

    My body balance is trained, too.

    The way of my thinking is to see nature.

    I feel my stress is not saved in my life.

    Our body is coming rusty year after year.

    Everyone need maintenance for it.

    Yoga is useful a self-maintenance tool.

    Let's start to get a self-maintenance tool from now, if not yet.
  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Let me know your answers, please.

    YOGAREIKI . This is my web site.

    When you found out my web site, what would you like to know from there about:

    F - Fees?

    D - Date & time?

    N - Noriko's experience?

    P - Place?

    O - Others ( What?             )

    Let me know your answer(s) from above F, D, N, P & O by my e-mail.
    My e- mail is:  click.
    If I get your answers, I am so happy.

    Thank you for your reading.


  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Every Monday: Evening Yoga class of Spring season

     DSCN2337.jpg  Click this picture

    Evening Yoga class of Spring season.

    On 1st Sep, Monday.

    At 6 to 6:45 pm.

    At the Recreation Center 2F.

    Fee is $7.50 by tickets.

    Relax in my yoga class your tired body.

    Please call me, 027 715 2121.

  • [ **Self-Healing**(Japanese language) ]
  • 1st Sep. Ruakaka Music club day.

              flowing music by Bojkuschi

    Ruakaka Music club Day.

    Please join & let's have an enjoyable time

    with any instruments & 
    any singing songs.

    On 1st September (Every first Monday of month)
    At : 7-10 pm
    At : Recreation center 2F
    Break time : 9 pm is a cup of tea time.

    Please mark the date on your calendar.

    Also, If you attend,

    please send text 027 715 2121 or e-mail, click here.

    I am happy to get some news from you.

    See you at Ruakaka Recreation center.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Wha! Tasty & fresh big musseles.

    DSCN2741.jpg DSCN2743.jpg

    DSCN2746.jpg DSCN2745.jpg
    DSCN2747.jpg Yuu was not an interested mussels. He likes to find out octopus. Today he found one octopus. I did not get it as it was a small.

    Today, it was Sunday of so nice weather.

    When see level was low tide, I went Waipu with a friend.

    We got big mussels.

    My friend brought a easy cooking tool & a pan without talking me.

    Suddenly my friend show these tool from his sack.


    I could eat tasty & fresh mussels at the Waipu beach..

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Meditation class day & time were changed.

    DSCN2553.jpg Noriko's pet, YUU is healing dog. YUU will heal to you.

    My Meditation class day & time is changed from 28th, Thursday to 27th, Wed.

    So, New class is:
    On 27th/August.
    At 9:30am to 10am.
    At Recreation center 2F.
    Fee is $7.50 with tickets. These are mutual ticket for Yoga, Reiki & Hypnotherapy.

    And every week, Wednesday is meditation class.
    After class let's have a cup of meditation tea.

    Do you clean in your rooms?
    So as same as your rooms, Meditation is cleaning of mind & spirit.

    Do you give the maintenance of your car?
    So as same as car maintenance, the Meditation is the maintenance tool of your health.

    Before darty rooms & before broken down your car,
    Let's check them, and your body, too.

    Understand meditation is strong power energy.

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • At the Marina Sunday market.

    DSCN2616.jpg DSCN2616.jpg DSCN2617.jpg DSCN2625.jpg

    Today it was rainy & cold.

    I arrived event place around at 9 am.

    I set up like this display quickly.

    Yuu joined me as "Healing Dog" until 1 pm of finishing time.

    He was loved with many people.

    So, I could talk with quite many people through Yuu.

    I hope this talking could link my healing job.

    Thank you very much Yuu.

    I will always have my partition at same place.

    Please visit my place, and have an experience of healing.

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Come over my partition.


    Reiki, Meditation, K-Yoga & Hypnotherapy 

    On 17th August from 9 - 1pm. 

    At Marsden Cove, One Tree Point, near the marina.

    Entry is free.

    Come over and have relax with Reiki Healing.

    Come over and have experience of Meditation.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • The being is not good.

     Computer by ATiGr
    Do you know the "being serch engin"?

    Suddenly it appiered on my PC.

    How to delete?

    The being is one of the Microsoft corporation.

    Why they did not tell how to delete?

    Still now it controll my serch engin.

    My feeling is not good by it.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Pastel pink color.


    I got these shells.

    The color is pastel pink.

    In Japan, we called the peach shell.

    I heard this shell carry happiness.

    I got a lot, means ....

    A lot of happiness will come around me.

    Do I get it today?

    Yes, I am so well with a nice smile face.

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • Tapioka breads


    I am thinking what my friend is doing now?

    She is living France with her family.

    She used to be making Tapioka bread.

    So, I tried to make it.

    Her tapioka breads were so very nice taste.

    Mine was........

    I need more experiences.

    Wha ha ha!!!

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • A sea lion.


    I wonder, you can sea a sea lion?

    A sea lion was sleeping at Ruakaka beach.

    He/She may mistake a living direction by some reason.

    I hope He/She could get his hangout somehow.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Big my mistake.

    DSCN2564.jpg DSCN2565.jpg

    This bread is named Pumpkin bread.

    I blew it.

    The reasons were too much boiled pumpkin.

    Also, I used soup which after pumpkin was boiled.

    My creative bread was failed.

    Wha ha ha!!!

  • [ **Talking to myself** ]
  • Youtube "Evita Peron".

     Image result for evita peron
    Evita Peron

    Recently I am listnning the radio station all day.

    This station is a lot of music.

    I can listen many times "Do not cry for Argentina".

    I was moved with this melody.

    One day I would like to sing this song, I felt.

    I opened Youtube.

    Again I was moved through her life.

    I do not know well about her.

    However, her life was given the life since she was born, wasn't it?

    I felt through her fated life & given destiny story.

    There is fated life & given destiny on our life, and I agree.

    I had a deep sigh of an impression.

  • [ **Talking to myself** ]
  • Family bond.

    DSCN2305.jpg YUU is one of my family.

    When I began to live in Auckland about 16 years ago, one Kiwi lady told me,

    "Auckland disposition is shy persons.

    Until they become friend, it needs for a long time.

    But after we became friend, the relationship became deeply".

    Now I am living in Northland.

    They are friendly.

    But to make close friends are not easy.

    Because, most family are strong bond with kinship.

    Especially public holiday and school holiday,

    they are not spend own time with personal friends.

    General talking, I feel NZ's family bond is stronger than Japan.

    My strong bond is YUU as my family? I wonder?

    Now he is sleeping his bed.

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • Steam cakes

    DSCN2566.jpg DSCN2568.jpg

    I like steam cakes.
    Egg 1
    Flour 100g
    Cooked peach. Peace
    Baking powder small Ts. 1
    Milk 50ml
    Sugar Big s. 3

    All are mixed with a small mixer.
    Pour to cups for steam.
    Steam for 25 minutes.

    They were weak puffs. I need two eggs, I think.

    Anyway, I enjoyed to make them.
    It is a simple and non oil.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    Wha! Tasty & fresh big musseles.
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    Come over my partition.
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    The being is not good.
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    Pastel pink color.
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    Tapioka breads
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    A sea lion.
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    Big my mistake.
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    Youtube "Evita Peron".
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    Family bond.
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    Steam cakes
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