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  • I felt Summer at beach

    DSCN2835.jpg YUUchan. He likes to play with sea waves.

    DSCN2826.jpg In Winter season, No body was here. Now coming Summer season, the view was decorated by Boat, kayak & fishing mam.

    DSCN2829.jpg A lot of sea gulls were jumping into water to catch fish. Yuuchan looked st the view.


    DSCN2775.jpg Sashimi of snappers. Who! nice tast!!


    DSCN2772.jpg a big fish is KAwai. After eat, I made fish soup.
  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Yoga pose at beach

    DSCN2824.jpg DSCN2823.jpg

    DSCN2816.jpg DSCN2822.jpg


    Hi my students,

    I do yoga pose even at beach.

    Yoga is not only in class but also you can do anywhere.

    When I walk at beach, I take care of a nice breathing and Sat Nam.

    Have a nice time with yoga.

    See you at class.

  • [ **Self-Healing**(Japanese language) ]
  • 6th Oct, Mon. Music club day


    DSCN2769.jpg He is over 80 years old. He makes a powerful nice sound.

    On 6th Oct. 2014, Mon. is Music club day.

    Time is from 7 PM to 10 PM.

    9 PM is a cup of tea time.

    Let's have enjoyable time with music.

    Let me know you can join or not.

    I will send an e-mail or Text to you.

    See you soon.


  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Breast cancer screen car


    To women,

    Did you have done breast cancer checking.

    In Ruakaka, from this year Breast screen car came over at near library.

    It is a good service, isn't it?

    Usually, we have to go to Whangarei hospital in town.

    Breath cancer is increasing in NZ, I heard.

    By the way, radio news said prostate cancer is increasing to men in NZ.

    Word of Cancer is not nice sound.

    I remenber when I lived in CHCH.

    One of my client had Brest cancer surgery.

    After that, I gave Reiki energy to her a lot of times with one of my Reiki student.

    She has done complete well with her effort.

    Reiki healing is a nice energy, isn't it?

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • September Free market.


    Yuu participated as a Healing Dog. Many people an interested in his character. He looked like understand as a healing dog.
    Many people talked to him more than I of my business.

    22nd was Marsden Cove Sunday Free Market.

    As might have been expected, there was a lot of booth.

    Because, it become summer.

    I heard, in summer season a lot of people come over to this free market.

    Especially, a lot of people come from Auckland.

    It will take one hour more by car from Auckland to here.

    Why I do not know my feeling was no excited as usually.

    Just as my expected, I had no chance to heal to clients.

    Next I will sell " Vegetaian OKONOMIYAKI" with permission of market.

    It is called the "GENKI-OKONOMIYAKKI".

    I am going to show my special ingredient.

    Though it is secret.

    Everybody, living in Aulkland & other place, please come over my booth!!!!

    Get nice tasty GENKI-OKONOMIYAKIs!!

    O! I became a nice feeling now.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Election and Vot

    I took an photo of an advertisement of election. From shopping centre.

    20th Sep was election day.

    I learned about NZ election in English class recently.

    However, I was anxious how can I vote at voting place, I wonder?

    At last, I called my friend who is supporting for my web pages's English.

    I went at voting place with him.

    It was so easy way beyond expectation.

    I had done vote!!

  • [ **Cooking** ]


    This is OKONOMIYAKI.

    OKONOMIYAKI is a common food in Japan.

    I eat almost every morning as my breakfast.

    I use cabbage a lot, mince leek, veges of my garden,

    many other kinds of vege & with soup of fish stock.

    Recently I try to make breads and rice as main my food.

    At all,

    OKONOMIYAKIs are a good nutritional food more than breads.

    I keep to eat OKONOMIYAKIs every morning, and

    also lunch time.

    I recommend it.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My red candle.


    I forgot when I visited in Paparoa.

    Maybe it was April, I wonder?

    He is a spiritual guide business.

    He said your lucky color of 2014 year is red.

    And take or put it where you see easily, he said.

    Later, I found out a red color candle at an opp shop.

    Recently, I used it when my friend visited my place.

    We talked and talked with this candle to late at night.

    Still now I can not find out yet a good luck.

    I feel a good luck is flowing around me.

    I wonder??

    * Index *
    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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