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  • Hi Yoga friends!

    DSCN1283.jpg This photo is last Christmas. The day passed quickly.

    Hi Kundalini Yoga friends,

    How are you?

    My K-Yoga class is growing a little by little. I am happy. Thank you for attendances.

    After Yoga, Yogi tea gives relax for us, doesn't it?

    Do you like Yoga song?
    You can listen, click "May the long time " by YouTube, though version is different of me.

    Also I sent two attachments. please open them, below my e-mail.
    One is "May the long time".
    Other is Gold chain mantra means OWN NAMO GURU ....

    Class schedule:
    About class of both morning Gentle Yoga class & evening Genki Yoga class.

    December class is three lessons.
    They are on 1st. 8th 15th.
    Let's close 2014 with breath of fire & sing a song of "May the long time".
    So, practice Breath of fire & please remember the song.

    Opening class: January of 2015 New year.
    Let's start from 12th/Jan.

    My newsletter, please click index of my blog.
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    You can know my life style by above.

    Have a nice daily life, please.
    Let's see you next Monday class on 1st/Dec.
    Noriko Kikuchi
    My Home page:
    -Reiki Certified Master/Teacher(NZ)
    -Reiki Inc Member (NZ)
    -Kundalini Yoga Certified Teacher of 3HO (USA)
    -Kundalini yoga Certified Teacher of Alliance (USA)
    -Hypnotherapist Certified TS (Japan)
    -Meditation classes
    - Dressmaking Certificated Teacher (Japan)

    Contact: Mobile 027 715 2121
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  • On 2nd Dec. Music club day

     Cartoon Dog Playing Guitar Stock PhotoCartoon Dog Playing Guitar Stock PhotoCartoon Dog Playing Guitar Stock Photo
    On 2nd Decenber Monday.

    At 7 pm to 10 pm

    At Recreation Center 

    Please join to music club:

    Any age, everybody and any music, any singing & any instruments.

    Music viblation gives relaxed your life.

    Please contact: Holy  021 842 060 or 
    Noriko 027 715 2121 
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • The camera of my mind.




    Beautiful color season!

    My camera is not a quality.

    I can not take close pictures.

    But, my mind took pictures so nicely with my voice "Wha--! beautiful!"

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • DVD of Chinese.


    I like Chinese Movies.

    These movies were Chinese language.

    Their costume are very gorgeous designs and
    colors with gold, red & other colors.

    Their makeup is beautiful.

    Their actions were nimbly, and stories were passionately.

    This movies are easy watching without thinking & without stress.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • A tissue paper box


    Recently I found a quite drawn tissue box.

    It seems my child-foot is left in corner of my mind.

    Child-food is am important, isn't it?

    My mind was relaxed and my face relaxed in smile.
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  • Knives.

    DSCN2909.jpg DSCN2912.jpg
    DSCN2911.jpg DSCN2913.jpg
    DSCN2914.jpg DSCN2915.jpg
    DSCN2960.jpg My friend made one of some.

    Before I was a any interested in knife and Knives.

    Recently my friend borrowed a book of knives from library.

    Wha-! How beautiful are they!!

    professional maker of Germany, France, Japan and more countries.

    Every Knife current their culture & national characteristics.

    Beautiful knives are art.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • A possum.


    A one animal was biting to my house.

    It was about four hours at night time.

    A rat or a possum?

    I was scared if the animal came in to my room.

    Friend rent a cage for catching possum.

    I put a apple.

    Two days later.....

    I checked cage, and so, ... I could see a possum.

    The impression was big eyes, like glass ball.

    So quite!

    My friend take a possum to his area.

    Possum moved his area.

    I wonder the possum not came back to my place?
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Red color Candle.


    According a professional python, my 2014 year's lucky color is Red.

    I bought about 6 month ago.

    Now November.

    After one month, 2015 year will come.

    I put a red color candle on the table.

    I watch it every day.

    Where is my lucky?

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • My OKONOMIYAKI is special!!

    DSCN2949.jpg DSCN2944.jpg
    DSCN2945.jpg DSCN2943.jpg

    I sold the OKONOMI_YAKI at the Free market.

    What is it?

    Every visitor asked this foods.

    Always I answer,

    "OKONOMI_YAKI is famous food in Japan".

    How to eat?

    If you like cold, it is OK.

    If you like warm foods, have a microwave or Pan, or steam.

    My OKONOMI_YAKI is special cook way, too.

    Eat with Sumashi-soup or use as artificial meat.

    Most Japanese may have questions like this,

    with the Sumashi soup?

    Like meat?

    So, my OKONOMIYAKI is fun, isn't it?

  • [ **Noriko's Classes & Events News** ]
  • Oct 27. Marsden cove market

    投げたピンクのボールをくわえて戻ってきたYuuちゃん。くわえてうれしそうです。 P1000003.jpg

    Yuuちゃんとボール遊び DSCN2941.jpg

    Today five clients visited for Reiki healing.

    Also ten OKONOMI-YAKIs were soled.

    It was a nice market day.
  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • Alternative medicines.


    Kawakawa photo Kawakawa leaves.
    I am making Kawakawa tea.

    My English class maite is six countries women.

    They are Thailand, south Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Rossia & Japan.

    We talked alternative medicines.

    Each country have each alternative medicine technique.

    If specialists of alternative medicine of the world gather,

    and if they have a lively traffic in idea,

    we might be able to help more for our body with alternative medicines.

    Do not focus only profit, but we should focus to accept alternative medicines.

    Medicine companies do not like this idea, I wonder?

    I am an interested in alternative medicines of the world.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • A garbage or art?


    I found out tied a bumper and tire at Ruakaka beach.

    Somebody might play with this on the sandy beach.


    After finished to play, let's take it to your home.

    Here is not art gallery, is it?

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • upright body posture, a nice fashion and a nice talking


    My friend's mother is 89 years old.

    She is living in Australia by her self now.

    She came to see her children and gland children in living NZ with partner.

    When I saw her, my eyes doubt my friend's mother.

    Because she was walking upright body posture, a nice fashion and a nice talking.

    I felt I would like to get old age like her.

    With upright body posture, a nice fashion and a nice talking.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Canoe

    DSCN2925.jpg DSCN2921.jpg


    My friend bought a canoe last year.

    This canoe is made by wood.

    Summer season came at last.

    He had a test for safety.

    I and YUU asked to ride on it.

    Whao~! So nice.

    The canoe was running as if it slid on the water surface.

    The day was no windy, and was sky blue.

    The canoe was passed for safety.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    Hi Yoga friends!
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    On 2nd Dec. Music club day
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    The camera of my mind.
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    DVD of Chinese.
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    A tissue paper box
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    2014年11月17日 (月)
    A possum.
    2014年11月17日 (月)
    Red color Candle.
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    My OKONOMIYAKI is special!!
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    Oct 27. Marsden cove market
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    Alternative medicines.
    2014年11月02日 (日)
    A garbage or art?
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