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  • My god may send something.


    I am not an interested in religion.

    However, I have a God in my mind.

    My god is the universe.

    Who made the universe?!!!

    I am always surprised and be moved from this universe.

    When season is changed, I feel the universe.

    When I had questions, I felt the universe.

    When I got stress, I felt the universe.

    The universe is my God.

    I have own religion in my mind.

    My mind is in the fourth chakra of my body.

    Recently, I need a lot of new consideration.

    I can not find good answers.

    My God might look down around me.

    I am looking forward to seeing answers.

    "I can see you".

    So, "Thank you for my happiness".

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  • My fortune in 2015 year.


    I heard,

    our life is composed by vibration, Radiation and Emanations.

    Also our life are influenced by universe and all phase.

    But our life is not controlled by them.

    However, a master of life is you. Last responsible of life is you.

    Our fortune is made by our power.

    Somebody said to me,

    "Noriko's fortune of 2015 year is not good according fortune calendar".

    I have to make strong power by K-Yoga & REIKI.

    So, I have to do K-Yoga seriously.

    Also, I am reading spiritual book.

    My motto is Healthy, Happy & smile life.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Do you like to have own house?

    P1000243.jpg P1000149.jpg
    P1000181 Blog P1000212 Blog
    P1000173 burog

    Would you like to have own house?

    Or would you like recommend no need own house?

    I like a rental house.

    Rental house is no need maintenance by own self.

    Rental house can be able to move to other place easily.

    But weak point is,

    some owner suddenly sell the rental house on market from earning money.

    I had two times experience.

    If I could get own house, I have to know correct law knowledge

    This is so an important, I was known.

    Life is always learned from new an experience.

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  • I trust my self.

    DSCN3424.jpg On 15th was Sunday Market.
    DSCN3425.jpg I joined with YUU.
    DSCN3420.jpg Today I soled OKONOMI-YAKI. My friend soled SUSHI. We enjoyed
    to make them. We got up the early morning, at 5 am for it.

    By the way,

    Now I have a big event on my life.

    It is to move in Waverley.

    However, it is not sure.

    Now I am waiting the price offers.

    My mind is tired, isn't it?

    After, I had Kobe earthquake,

    I do not need to buy a house, I thought truly.

    However, I have to change tracks.

    Because, I can not find out a rental house which I live with my pet, YUU.

    At last I decided to buy a house.

    This is the biggest my event in my life.

    Life is gamble, isn't it?

    I trust my self with a good magnetic law.

    Do you know the magnetic law?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My effort to buy a house.

    Sea of wect coast.
    DSCN3334.jpg DSCN3361.jpg
    DSCN3354.jpg DSCN3326.jpg

    Today I went the citizen advice office in Whangarei.

    I got advice about "Agreement" documents.

    At there, I knew about fixed rate.

    My next step is to search a lawyer for buy house.

    I hope I could find out nice feeling lawyer.

    Even Graduated any high university, if there is talking without heart,

    I feel lowest level lawyer.

    There business is lowest, isn't it?

    We never forget humanity.

    I am selfish thinking, I wonder?
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  • On next Mon, 9th/Mar. is Yoga class.



    There is Kundalini Yoga class every Monday in March.

    March is already Autumn season.

    Let's keep health for cold winter season.

    I am looking forward to seeing you.

    A good health is most important more than money.

    If no good health,

    even we have a lot of money,

    we can not spend high quality life.

    My life is quite quality life now.

    I think Kundalini Yoga support me.

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  • I wonder?

    DSCN3298.jpg DSCN3311.jpg DSCN3300.jpg DSCN3318.jpg

    When can I move to this house, I wonder.

    If I have no dog, I do not come this house, I wonder?

    My life might be a landing on this place, I wonder?

    I need the times & days for used to live this house & place.

    I may forget the time & date, and 2015 year, too.

    "The light pass through like arrow.", I wonder?

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  • Trip for houses

    DSCN3259.jpg DSCN3268.jpg
    DSCN3271.jpg DSCN3276.jpg
    DSCN3277.jpg DSCN3284.jpg
    DSCN3337.jpg DSCN3354.jpg
    DSCN3376.jpg DSCN3361.jpg
    I came back to my place on 2nd/Mar.
    My rental house is on market now.
    So, I need a house to live with my dog.
    Recently, I can not find out dog friendly rental house.
    So, I had travel here and there for a house.
    At last I could find out a house in new place, Waverley.

    It was for long camping life. I felt so interested in an experience.
    Also, I had a few nice wild memories, ex. a quail couple bird crossed the country road with about 10 baby birds, and we came across a sea lion and a sea lion chased us with loudly roar. My heart came out from my body with fright.

    We found out a house at last in Waverly, South Taranaki.

    Still I ask offers.
    If owner is OK, I will move with my special friend, not boy friend.
    I am excited & a little bit nervous for coming new life.
    I will writ on my blog with more photos later.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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