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  • My ukulele lesson.


    Recently my nephew & me began to talk

    after an interval of about 17, 8 years

    and we are talking almost every night about general daily talking

    by free international text.

    In our talking, I talked I am practicing a ukulele by my self.

    And I said one ward, "I would like to get a book for it".

    So, he ordered to AMAZON book for me.

    He gave me to be surprised.

    Soon I start to have a lesson last night.

    Thank you to my nephew for sending a Ukulele book!!

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My lifelong companion.

    DSCN3611.jpg Three are massage tool. I love to live with them any time.
    Especially when there is no body around me, they help a lot & they heal for me.
    They are usefle tool for my life.
    My feeling is laughing & smiling,

    DSCN3615.jpg My pet. She is lovely my pet which is lifelong companion.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My car for sale.



    At last I decided to sell my car.

    After this car was imported in 2011, I loved to drive a car.

    Car profeshonal man checked 100KMs my car.

    And my car was so refreshed.

    Tomorrow, somebody will drive this car, who is an interested by my advertisement.

    I may say "SAYONARA" to this car, I wonder?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My feeling.

    DSCN3589.jpg DSCN3590.jpg

    These two doll will arrive soon in Japan.

    A black one is same my pet, YUU.

    An another one is a Miniature Schnauzer,

    though no body understand this is a Miniature Schnauzer, I wonder?

    However, both are so lovely doll...... My feeling makes a smile face.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Daughter's parcel.



    Thank you for a nice parcel.

    A parcel is my daughter's present for my birthday.

    It came over by ship for two months.

    Why for two months?

    The box was inspected for foods.

    Unfortunately, a dog chewing was refused.

    All of foods were Japanese taste.

    At once I eat a lot.

    My feeling was very pleased.

    Thank you for my birthday present.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Knitting Miniature Schnauzer, Shizuku & knitting Yuu.

    DSCN3606.jpg Yuu is around 45 years old of humans.
    DSCN3605.jpg Recently, my daughter's Miniature Schnauzer of pet, SHIZUKU had gone from illness. I ordered a knitting Miniature Schnauzer. I hope this knitting might give healing energy to her. Black one is my dog,
    name is YUU. He will suport to my daughter's grief.
    Today I sent both. I hope my daughter's grief might be healed by them.
    A post man might deliver to her in next week.

    Get over deep grief, please.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • One of my dream is to play a ukulele.


    One of my dream is I would like to play an ukulele, and

    I would like to sing a song with my ukulele.

    Just now I found one group on the You Tube.

    Ukulele. Click please.

    I had an enjoyable time with them.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • I like natural ...... !!

    DSCN3568.jpg A bunch of bananas thrived in NZ. How do they taste? .... They are very different from imported bananas. I feel they taste of the Garden.

    DSCN3567.jpg These lettuces thrived at my friend's garden. The taste is like spring water.
    Very very nice taste & feeling is relaxed.

    DSCN3566.jpg I made bean soup with a kind of herb, fennel.

    DSCN3565.jpg Waipu Cove beach. It was calm, quiet, warm & feeling was like crystal.
    I got fresh energy.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My place in Ruakaka.



    Time has passed quickly.

    Since I moved here, it has been almost two months.

    This house is for short team rental only.

    There are 4 bedrooms and one lounge room.

    Now four rooms are used for storage.

    My dream is already for a new place in Waverley.

    Today the Waverley agent called, "I will show you a nice house after July".

    He is a country person & a nice middle aged man, around 50.

    I can trust a person like that.

    Soon I say SAYANARA to this nice house.

  • [ **Cooking** ]
  • My taste is almost Japanese style.

    DSCN3561.jpg Sweet cooking using canned mackerel. The taste was very good with rice.
    I recommend canned mackerel. Yesterday I made hamburgers using a can of mackerel, and it had a nice taste, too. I did not take a picture, sorry.

    DSCN3563.jpg The hijiki. I haven't cooked hijiki for a long time. This Japanese food is dried for keeping longer. It has such a nice taste.

    DSCN3564.jpg I cooked the Hijiki yeaterday & today, because it tasted so nice. My Hijiki stocks have gone now. I will buy some when I go to Auckland.

    I feel I am Japanese & Japanese foods give relaxed me. ---Smile.---

  • [ **Oracle Card** ]
  • One of three cards. "Body talk".


    Today I picked three cards.

    "Body talk"card show for our past life.
    When you see this card, be calm & close your eyes.
    Feel your hands, palms & also the tips of your fingers.
    And be relaxed.
    Look at your past life.
    Have you had a lot of happy life?
    And be relaxed.

    We have five senses.
    These five senses make positive & negative vibrations in our daily life.
    Even if it was a tiny happy vibration, remember it,
    And fill your body up with this happy vibration.
    With a smile on your face!

    And let's go to second card, "Cloak yourself in light".
    This card shows our present life.
    Close your eyes.
    And be relaxed with deep breathing.

    Make a vision of your happiness wrapping you in light.
    Even your tiny happiness will be expanding,
    Feel it.

    Next is third card "You're the Boss".
    This card shows your future.
    Be relaxed with deep long breathing.

    Only YOU are yourself.
    There is no other person like you.
    Believe your own intuition of sixth sense.
    You are the boss.
    You will have a strong positive vibration.

    You will be able to be a more individual, powerful person
    by using your senses with these three cards.
    Please try.
    These oracle cards are interesting, aren't they?

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • July, Kundalini Yoga lesson is for the liver.

        Our liver.

    July, Kundalini Yoga lesson is for the liver.

    The liver, and only one of organs, though.... 

    I am an interested in it.

    Kundalini Yoga helps for the liver.

    Are your liver a good condition?

    To keep healthy liver, get how to learn from Kundalini yoga.

    I got information from

    I picked up some about our liver;

    Our liver is about 1KG.

    There are 500 kinds of function.

    - Metabolizing alcohol, other drugs & chemicals.

    - Neutralizing & destroying poisonouse substances.

    - Producing, strong & quick energy 9glucose) to keep the mind alert

      and the body active.

    - Producing, strong & exporting fat. 

    - Transport substances in the blood.

    - Clotting of blood.

    - Providing resistance to infection.

    - Sex hormones.

    - Thyroid hormones.

    - Cortisone & other adrenal hormones.

    - Produces cholesterol, excrets and comverts it to other

      essential substances.

    - And if you would like to know more about the liver,

      study it. It is a good oppotunity to know our liver.

    To keep healthy body is own responsible.

    Give love to your body.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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