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  • To meet somebodies are my treasure.


    Maybe Japanese is only me in Taumarunui.

    Also, good Japanese speaker may be only him.

    We talked for one hour more at coffee shop.

    I could meet him through my neighbor.

    In our world, there is not any coincidence.

    I will look back recently for my life, since I moved in Taumarunui,

    I had the Vodafone mobile trouble.

    But I need the phone as communication tool.

    Then, the Chorus company visited me for my broadband connection.

    He introduced one PC technician for my disconnected mobile phone.

    PC's father introduced main member of the senior net PC club.

    The senior club is famous PC learning club in NZ for 60+ old.

    I was one of the member in Ruakaka & CHCH.

    The main member's person is living in one minute walking from my house.

    He & his wife introduced him.

    What a good story, like this, I had in Taumarunui!

    To meet somebodies are one of gifts from nature,

    And to meet somebodies are treasure of my life.

    I am happy to meet him.

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  • Bush in national park

    DSCN4042.jpg DSCN4046.jpg I found out this one. Name??? I do not know, though this plant is
    so famous in NZ.

    My friend came over with his tools, again.

    This time is he will paint on the garage's roof.

    Before he starts his work, we went bush in national park.

    The national park is 30 minutes from my house.

    Very nice bush air.

    Inhale from deeply.

    Here, air is so very beautiful & soft.

    We walked about two hours without tiredness.







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  • My daughter


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  • Inspection

    Three carpets were worn.
    My feeling is shocked, isn't it?
    When I buy this house, I checked well.
    But I did not check under beds.
    I thought a nice old style carpet.
    However, when I moved, every beds had gone.
    "What is this?"
    Three carpets are not good condition.
    I should look even under furniture.
    But now,
    It is too late.
    I have to order new carpet.
    There is a carpet shop only one in Taumarunui town.
    I heard the shop is expensive fee.
    I try to find one more carpet installer for comparison estimate.
    I asked & asked to every I meet persons.
    "Do you know carpet installer?"
    Every day busy,
    But everyday is a lot of learning.

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  • How cute strawberries are!


    It is a hot day every day.

    I try to give water to plants.

    Every plants are fine.

    Especially, I always touch a bunch of strawberry with my hand.

    I picked cute red color though they are small.

    I give water, and they give treats, don't they?

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  • My new life.

    On 13/Dec/2015, at last I have left from Ruakaka.
    My new history keep going to start in Taumarunui.

    And I made to start new life in Taumarunui from on 13th/Dec./2015
    Driver, David helped me to carry my heavy boxes from room to room.
    I owe him gratitude.

    After he had gone back to Ruakaka, my friend, Gary came over with tools.
    Now my house is settle down by his helping.
    I owe him gratitude, too.

    DSCN3945.jpg A lot of boxes at old place, Ruakaka. These goods showed one of
    my life history.


    DSCN3946.jpg On 13th/Dec. on our way, David showed this shop which is the Tip Top ice cream factory, the Tip Top is a famous in NZ. We had breaktime at here with ice cream. I do not remember where.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    To meet somebodies are my treasure.
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    Bush in national park
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