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  • Like beach???


    DSCN4117.jpg My eyes couch the lavish bin. it is drawn the joined liver.
    I wonder you can see it?

    B&B owner, my first friend said.

    "My wife likes mountains, like Taumarunui".

    And "I like sea view".

    "Go to liver where Whanganui liver & Ongarue liver are joined".

    He talked childlike excitement like getting treasure with smile.

    Soon, I went at there.

    I appreciated him, but it was not sea, like Ruakaka.

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  • OKONOMIYAKI party of IAN-teacher








    14thJan, Sun. was Wellcome twoJapanese high school students.

    Ian-teacher had welcome party with OKONOMIYAKI Party.

    It was so delicious Ian-way OKONOMIYAKI.

    I was surprised pork meat was cubic cutting.

    Of cause, we can not buy cut thrice meat, like in Japan.

    It was so delicious OKONMIYAKI.

    One of Japanede host mother made a lot of a banquet.

    Instinctively, I got pictures.


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  • Japanese class of Taumarunui high school



    Ian Japanese teacher was invited me to come to his class.

    Class is 15 students.

    I remembered that my daughter stayed at my penfriend's house of America
    in her summer holiday, about for 40 days.

    After she came back home, I was so surprised with her English ability.
    Then she was Junior high school one grad.
    Young age is quickly learning.

    So, these class students will be treasure in there life with
    Japanese language, I am sure.

    While young ages they need a lot of any experiences are so important, aren't them?

    みなさん がんばってくださいね。
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  • Re-new garage.


    When I moved here, I was so surprided to hear that.

    It is, garage technician said, "this garage house is warped".
    He showed the parts.
    The reason is, he said " the builder made wrong scale".
    I was so disappointed to here that.

    my friend tried hard to pull garage's post by using his 4wcar.
    It took almost two days under the hot day.
    At last garage doors are like new.
    Now I can use easily, and I am using every day.

    Thank you for your effort.
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  • Shopping

    DSCN4082.jpg DSCN4081.jpg
    DSCN4084 - Copy DSCN4086.jpg

    Whanganui town is quite big town, about 50,000 population, I think.
    I visited by friends'd car for shopping.
    It was for two hours one way long trip.
    It is for longtime ago of since last year.

    There are all big shops.

    I felt sky is big compare Taumarunui.
    I can see river beside town.
    I like this town.
    I wonder I move again to this town?

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  • Love


    Till 14th of Valentine's day,

    my meditation is "Love".

    Mantra is "SAT KARTAR".

    This mantra will teach me the core of love in Kundalini Yoga.

    If we understand core of "love",

    relationship become sweet & war is gone.

    Is your feeling separate?
    Is your feeling isolated?
    Is your feeling closed?
    Would you like to be that your feeling is deeper sense of unity?

    "SAT KARTAR" mantra meditation gives these answers by practice.

    Valentine'day is a good opportunity to think love

    and also what is the true love?

    Try this mantra every day with loud voice & simple movement.

    If you are interested in it, please ask me by e-mail from my website.

    "LOVE"....... sound is very good!,isn't it?

    To write in English, this subject was one of difficult description for me.
    It is study time for my English.
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  • To my English teacher


    Hi Marion,

    Thank you for thinking of me.

    I couldn't use mobile phone for one month half. Recently at last I could get my number without change, 027 715 2121.
    I was using the Vodafone. But Vodafone signal is almost dead. So, I had to change to the Spark. I had a lot of stress from no phone.
    However, I could meet a nice neighbor through problem of Vodafone. And my life settle down through his support & his wife, too.

    Also, I had two big troubles. They are Garage & carpet.
    I had good lessons about Inspector & agent.
    Garage was fixed by my friend, Gary.
    Carpet is not yet. Carpet technician is only one in Taumarunui. The shop is so busy. My neighbor and me are trying to find out one from other town. Well, it will be , will be.

    Taumarunui society looks Japan society. Small town makes small society. It means closed society.
    I like open society person. But, now I met Japanese speaking person, & I will belong the Senior net class. Today I became friendly with other yoga teacher.
    Little by little, my human relations might make up comfortable my life. ✌

    However, I am so busy every day. Why I am so busy? From age? I wake up at 6:30am, and already now it is midnight.
    I am lucky I can spend the day without big stress.

    I have face book. You will be able to see a part of my life.

    It hot day every day.
    Take car of your self for you & classmates, please.

    My English is OK, I wonder?

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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