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  • Windows 10

    Copy of 20160427_212053

    Suddenly windows 10 pop up.

    And it was started by own self.

    I was so surprised, and I had a little bit panicky.

    What do I do?

    I could not stop as arrow of mouse could not find out.

    After around 40 minutes, windows 10 appeared.

    Now everything are going well.

    My feeling was easy.

    Now my PC is normal working.

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  • About IPU

    I was so glad to had trip to IPU Universuty.

    This uni is private which is held by Japanese.

    The OMATSURI-festival was so nice planning.

    I remembered when I was living in Japan.

    This festival was reminded in Kyoto, Kobe, and Osaka for me.

    It was fantastic event.

    I had fun so much, and

    see photos, below.

    I felt I am Japanese.

    20160528_140444.jpg 20160528_140436.jpg Palmerstom North shopping mall. It is big shopping Center.







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  • without YUU.

    Food: Two times; Moning & Evening.

    Toilet: Three times; about 9am, 5pm and 10pm

    A bed, A container for water & food.

    He knows some words; No, Go, Stay, Got bed, Go home,

    Good boy, Drink water & some Japanese words.

    Thank you for care of YUU to neighbor, Alan & Ann.

    I feel he is good boy.

    But I am anxious, if he doesn't toilet in their rooms.

    Fee is $15/a day

    I will go out one night two days without YUU

    for the OMATSURI-fastival at IPU University in Palmerston North.

    On 27th is OMATSURI-festival to 9 pm.

    And 28th is shopping at "Central Mall", Cinemas to watch a movie,

    and come home.

    I could know this university from

    Taumarunui High school teacher of Japanese language.

    Since I moved to Taumarunui,

    I have quite a lot of chance to talk Japanese language

    with Taumarunui High school, Japanese language's teacher & students.

    I enjoyed Japanese language time at High school students.

  • [ **Talking to myself** ]
  • My name is the "Satori".


    June is my birthday month.

    Increasingly my life was polished up with a long life.

    I can belief my self now.

    So, It means,

    to add ages is an important possess for life, isn't it?

    Our life needs polishing forever to grave.
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  • Cut? or prune?

    6 May Galaxy 2016-05-03 008 6 May Galaxy 2016-05-03 006

    This tree is fijor.

    I can not write spell of tree's name properly, sorry!!

    I have gotten a lot of fruits from this tree.

    They were sweet and nice taste.

    Now I need knowledge how to trim for next year.

    I would like to care as small tree.


    My trimming will be success for fruit, I wonder?.

    I asked one Kiwi.

    He said if you like your wanted size, cut.

    But I like Japanese way.

    I would like to save important branches for fruits.

    What branches??

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  • To kill animal.

    20160507_172208.jpg For YUU's food

    20160507_172057.jpgAm I vegetarian? However I like teriyaki tasted lever & kidneys.

    Two days ago, Gary went hunting to Owhango bush near my house.

    He was preparing hunting tools, especially GPS.

    Since one week ago, he bought & learned how to use it.

    Sometimes he couldn't understand how to use GPS.

    Sometimes discovered how to use it.

    At last he went hunting with GPS.

    Tha day,

    It was 4 pm, he didn't come back.

    5 pm, still he didn't come back.

    It became dark.

    I was very anxioused.

    I wonder he could not understand GPS?

    Before 6 pm, He came home.

    With one young goat.

    My feeling was one side was glad for hunting.

    Another side was sadness for a young goat.

    He said, " hunting is very enjoyably sport.

    But to kill animals, I feel it is uncomfortable".

    And he said more,

    "Now lots of animal meat were soled at shop".

    We kill lot and lot of animals.

    And he had silent.

    Once upon a time,

    We needed to hunt for our foods.


    many animal are cultivated, and are killed.

    Sometimes we through way to rubbish from over much of foods.

    While eating, I played to nature, and a goat.

    "Thank you".

    However, how beautiful taste it is!!

    "Thank you".

    I forgot my vegetarian life.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    My name is the "Satori".
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    Cut? or prune?
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    To kill animal.
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    Why I am Living in Taumarunui of NZ、I wonder?

    地震があるたびに おおきなキャンバスに
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