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  • What is Hypnotherapy?

    candle-197248__340.jpg Your eyes close, and feel your breath. And make image a red candle. If you could have make image of a red candle. You can do self-Hypnotherapy, if you have practice.

    History of Hypnosis.

    According Wikipedia,

    Western scientists first became involved in hypnosis around 1770,

    when Franz Mesmer (1734–1815), a physician from Austria,

    started investigating an effect

    he called "animal magnetism" or "mesmerism" (the latter name still remaining popular today).

    According my book,

    The idea is influenced and reflected by Egypt of ancient, Greece,

    and Rome and England.

    Our subconsciousness is opened by Hypnotherapy.

    And trouble of own mind is discovered.

    Also, we can go to future or past of own life.

    I feel,

    Kundalini yoga, meditation & hypnotherapy are linked.

    And they give healing energy to us, & give relaxation, too.

    So, Hypnotherapy is easy technique for me.

    If you want to have experience,

    Please ask Noriko.

    I can teach self-Hypnotherapy.

    You can do relax & have enjoyable time by own self.

    Contact me.

  • [ **Health & healing** ]
  • What can I do?


    What can I do in my life?

    From my yaung to nowaday,

    I was supported my life by a lot of peoples.

    My life story is made by these meeting persons.

    Even my philosophy was created from meeting persons.

    I was pushed "What can I do for giving back to my appreciation ?".

    So, I decided to give my healing energy through volunteer from this year.

    I visited & I had an interview at The KOKIRI trust.

    They are an interested in teaching meditation of Alzheimer.

    This photo is Maori supporting trust room.

    Every Thursday, many old Maori persons are visiting.

    Then, I am visiting, and I am teaching to them Yoga meditation of Alzheimer.

    And Reiki Healing.

    Even here is my volunteer place, but I am helped by many Maori persons.

    Thank you for everybody.

    Front side,

    a big man is young & he is teaching exercise to old Maori persons, too.

    He is like SUMO wrestler.

    Big Man!!

    He is so kind man.

  • [ Reiki in English as NEW ]
  • My hand was cold.


    My hand was cold.

    I gave Reiki energy with my cold hands.

    After finish Reiki healing,

    Client said, "Your Reiki was warm".
    "Thank you for Relaxation, too".

    "Touch me my hands".

    "WHA~~~~! Noriko's hands are cold!!"

    Client was surprised with my cold hands.

    But Reiki energy comes warm.

    It is magick.

    If you have question, text me please.

    Thank you for reading.

  • [ Hypnotherapy is .... ]
  • Expanse by photos.

    iruka 12269985 ochiba eha0138-066

    Toi Toi6211884 Tree sng0070-024

    Tsuki 15231382 Yoga 44246231

    yuuhi yuu0047-009

    What can you make images from these photos?

    I chose these photos from some reason.

    Our images are infinitive & creation.

    When you see one photo, your image are linked old memory or creation.

    If you can get images easy, you can do self hypnotherapy.

    But relax is most important condition.

    Hypnotherapy makes big relaxation time by therapist, Noriko.

    When you need sleep well,

    When you want know your Karuma & trauma,

    When you want to know your Past life and dream,

    When you want to change behavior,

    Your subconsciousness become activity by Hypnotherapy.

    Could you have an incredible image?

    Any question please click here.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    My blog was started 2007 Jan.

    Feel relax.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Now how many visitors?


    My profile.


    Smile Satori

    Author:Smile Satori
    My name is Noriko.
    I am living Taumaruni in New Zealand.

    Why I am living in NZ、I wonder?

    Why I am Living in Taumarunui of NZ、I wonder?

    地震があるたびに おおきなキャンバスに
    私流の人生が描かれて 素敵なArtになっています。

    Reiki, Kundalini Yoga,  Hypnotherapyが

    What is Reiki?
    What mean is Reiki?
    Why Reiki is useful?
    How to use? 
    And so on.

    と、Reikiは不思議なものですが 不思議ではないんですね。

    ブログでReikiを綴って 本当の健康とHappayになるコツを


    そしてね、 霊気workshop、Healing にと 
    New Zeakandや日本にも飛び回りたいと思っています。

    Reikiは あなたの健康つくりに応援します。


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