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  • NEW START!! Reiki & Hypnotherapy group session.



    Fire Station baea86b2-a6df-43aa-94e8-4d6bc8e1c7cf_wo

    REIKI & HYPNOTHERAPY Group Session.

    At last!! It is one of my dreams.

    I can open NEW class from

    on 3rd/July.

    Every Mon.

    At 4:30-5:30pm

    At the Old Fire Station.

    30 Miriama St. in Taumarunui town.

    Please have your blanket.

    And KOHA.

    Human body has a lot of own healing energy.

    I would like to recommend to use own healing energy in your life.

    The first step is you should understand how effect to you with own healing energy.

    So, I decided to open Reiki & Hypnotherapy group session.


    heart problem,




    Phobia disorder,

    And others, more.

    Try it once.

    If you have question, please ask & click here.

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  • My fault.

    YUU 20170603_141745

    Recently I knew my fault..

    It is about a registration fee of dog.

    My dog is already his sex surgery.

    So, I thought my dog is middle sex.

    Do not laugh.

    I applied as sex is middle about 8 years ago.

    Registration fee was $63/a year.

    My neighbour show the newspaper recently about registration fee.

    If sex was surgeried & room dog, fee is $36/a year as good gog.

    I did not know this information.

    So, I applied surgeried & room dog, as good dog with a photo.

    I learned I should read well the local newspaper with a high antenna of my ears & eyes.

    It is my fault.

    ($63-$36) x 8 years = $216

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  • True story of determination



    I was moved through her story.

    I am joining the friendship meeting once a week.

    At there,

    I met her about four months ago at there.

    Little by little, I used to talk with her.

    Some times I noticed she helped to make for our lunch.

    Some times I saw she was caring one old lady.

    Her fashions and are so simplicity.

    Also, she is no makeup.

    I felt & noticed she was different behavior.

    A few days ago, I had chance to talk.

    And I could ask her philosophy.

    She talked me with soft voice & worm story.

    "About 7 years ago, I was any no good behavior".

    "Drinking, smoking & no good daily life".

    But since she got a grand child, her mind was changed suddenly.

    Why was changed?

    She said, "I should change for my gland children".

    " I am one teacher for my gland children".

    Now she has 5 children.

    "Now I am a textbook of how to live for gland children".

    She had a many steps as awareness of human.

    "Still I am polishing my self".

    "I would like hep & support to other persons".

    After I came back at my home,

    my feeling was very good mood.

    I was so good feeling by to meet her.

    Awareness is not easy.

    But awareness will come to us simply & suddenly.

    By it, we need polish from our life.

    As one way, Kundalini yoga will help for your awareness.

    I always think, why we are living in this world?

    It is for awareness.

    I believe so.

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    True story of determination
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    Smile Satori

    Author:Smile Satori
    My name is Noriko.
    I am living Taumaruni in New Zealand.

    Why I am living in NZ、I wonder?

    Why I am Living in Taumarunui of NZ、I wonder?

    地震があるたびに おおきなキャンバスに
    私流の人生が描かれて 素敵なArtになっています。

    Reiki, Kundalini Yoga,  Hypnotherapyが

    What is Reiki?
    What mean is Reiki?
    Why Reiki is useful?
    How to use? 
    And so on.

    と、Reikiは不思議なものですが 不思議ではないんですね。

    ブログでReikiを綴って 本当の健康とHappayになるコツを


    そしてね、 霊気workshop、Healing にと 
    New Zeakandや日本にも飛び回りたいと思っています。

    Reikiは あなたの健康つくりに応援します。


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