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  • Your sick can cure by your self. Really?

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    I always think how do I use my healing way for


    Who is cure own sickness?


    I say, it is ownself.

    In our body,

    there are a lot of microbe for sickness.

    Sicken comes when our body become weak.

    Also, it comes when our mind become weak.


    Our body need balance of body & mind.

    Its balance makes happy life.

    It means body is a hood health.

    We should know to live according Nature.

    We can find out correct answer.

    Nature gives balance our life.

    It means our life become a good health.

    We can make a good balance with habits by according practice.

    My asking to you:

    Do you know our body map?

    Do you know how many cells in our body?

    Do you know about circulation system of body?

    Do you know how work our hormones?

    Do you know brain is linked with our mind?

    Do you understand we are living in one of Nature?

    When you find out these answers,

    you might be surprised by our precise body.

    I can say how to make a good habits through the

    Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, hypnotherapy & meditation.

    Also, through my long life & enough healing experience,

    I can say,

    "start to learn my recommended healing way".

    Doctors are important for us.


    I say clearly sickness should be cured by own self.

    Healthy body & mind make happy life.

    More information is here, click please.

    By the way.

    I wonder everybody could understand my English?

    Nevermind, this is practicing for my English.

    Also, I will write in Japanese.




    Thank you for reading.

    This blog was linked on facebook of my business.






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    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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    • Your sick can cure by your self. Really?
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    Author:Smile Satori
    My name is Noriko.
    I am living Taumaruni in New Zealand.

    Why I am living in NZ、I wonder?

    Why I am Living in Taumarunui of NZ、I wonder?

    地震があるたびに おおきなキャンバスに
    私流の人生が描かれて 素敵なArtになっています。

    Reiki, Kundalini Yoga,  Hypnotherapyが

    What is Reiki?
    What mean is Reiki?
    Why Reiki is useful?
    How to use? 
    And so on.

    と、Reikiは不思議なものですが 不思議ではないんですね。

    ブログでReikiを綴って 本当の健康とHappayになるコツを


    そしてね、 霊気workshop、Healing にと 
    New Zeakandや日本にも飛び回りたいと思っています。

    Reikiは あなたの健康つくりに応援します。


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