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  • My daughter


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  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Inspection

    Three carpets were worn.
    My feeling is shocked, isn't it?
    When I buy this house, I checked well.
    But I did not check under beds.
    I thought a nice old style carpet.
    However, when I moved, every beds had gone.
    "What is this?"
    Three carpets are not good condition.
    I should look even under furniture.
    But now,
    It is too late.
    I have to order new carpet.
    There is a carpet shop only one in Taumarunui town.
    I heard the shop is expensive fee.
    I try to find one more carpet installer for comparison estimate.
    I asked & asked to every I meet persons.
    "Do you know carpet installer?"
    Every day busy,
    But everyday is a lot of learning.

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  • [ **Daily** ]
  • How cute strawberries are!


    It is a hot day every day.

    I try to give water to plants.

    Every plants are fine.

    Especially, I always touch a bunch of strawberry with my hand.

    I picked cute red color though they are small.

    I give water, and they give treats, don't they?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My new life.

    On 13/Dec/2015, at last I have left from Ruakaka.
    My new history keep going to start in Taumarunui.

    And I made to start new life in Taumarunui from on 13th/Dec./2015
    Driver, David helped me to carry my heavy boxes from room to room.
    I owe him gratitude.

    After he had gone back to Ruakaka, my friend, Gary came over with tools.
    Now my house is settle down by his helping.
    I owe him gratitude, too.

    DSCN3945.jpg A lot of boxes at old place, Ruakaka. These goods showed one of
    my life history.


    DSCN3946.jpg On 13th/Dec. on our way, David showed this shop which is the Tip Top ice cream factory, the Tip Top is a famous in NZ. We had breaktime at here with ice cream. I do not remember where.
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  • Moving on 11/dec/2015

    P1000013.jpg this phot was
    already one of my memory in Ruakaka.

    On 11th/Dec/2015.

    At last my all furniture were moved into a truck.

    After that, all rooms were no my goods.

    My mind was empty, too.

    It is strange feeling, isn't it?
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Wha--! I am busy, though .....

    DSCN3936.jpg I am prepairing the boxes for moving. There are a lot of boxes in my rooms,
    like storage of somewhere.
    Let's do change my mind.
    I got this artificial tree from opp-shop. It was free. I decorated without deep thinking with joy.
    I say "Merry Christmas!!" Is it too early, I wonder?

    Merry Christmas with YUU.

    DSCN3935.jpg Recentry, I went fishing to Oratiri.
    It is about 1 hour from my house by car. It's a little bit far a way, but beautiful view. See was clear blue, as if my eyes catch the bottom of sea water.

    DSCN3933.jpg I am vegetarian. But I eat fish. I eat chicken when I visited as visitor.
    Today, my friend cooked meat of neck with slow cooker. I had eat it with veges. Delicious!! 3 or 4 time a year,
    my friend make it with veges using slow cooker. OISHII!!
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • NANDA KORE? (Japanese the locals word.) What is this? 


    I found out at Waipu cove beach.

    What is this?

    Like eggs?

    Like gelatin?

    I wonder we could eat this one?

    Somebody! do you know what is this?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • An art of my life.


    Please click this photo.

    You can see an art of big root.

    And sea.

    And look throwing trunk & branches.

    This tree is expressing certainly my life.

    Life is an art, isn't it?

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Kundalini yoga gives how to pass through it to difficult situation.

    DSCN3907.jpg Yuu says "To think, and action".


    I learned "To think, and Action" from my Yoga, Kundalini Yoga.

    I heard Seven breaths, and One action from Kundalini Yoga, too.

    If we do not make idea, the good action will not come.


    How to make idea?

    It is to save your ideas on some paper.

    Our brain become activity by them.

    But, if you are not healthy body with mind,

    Action doesn't come us.

    Let's make healthy body, mind & healthy spirit.

    Kundalini yoga!!

    I recommend it to you.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My last free market of Masden Cove.


    It be just like summer.

    Many visitors were coming to Marsden Cove Free Market.

    This market will be last joining for me.

    I was glad same visitor visited twice for Reiki healing.

    Today was happy day.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Jellyfish

    DSCN3913.jpg Jellyfish. 
    Yeasterday, I found this one at Ruakaka beach. Is this jellyfish?

      I checked about Jellyfish.
    After dry, we can cook.  I used to eat in Japan.
    I like it.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My house?

     Renovated, tidy and affordable I wonder this house will be my house?

    It may be so.

    I may get this house in next week.

    So, I pinched my cheaks.

    Ow, ouch!!
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • New moon day

    DSCN3911.jpg This is true I got this card for new moon day of 12/Nov/2015

    Recently my feeling was not unusual fear, worry & anxious.

    I could live in NZ by my self, I wonder?

    What do I do with consideration of my age?

    I felt I was becoming a weak thinking.

    I wonder I go back to Japan?

    I could not think an enjoyable life.

    From general talking, my daughter talked "today new moon day".

    For a long time I forgot our life was controlled with moon.

    Soon I wrote my wish items into my note.

    I knew when I should write my wish.

    It is within 48 hours from new moon time.

    Also, we should write except weak energy time of new moon.

    It was just a good timing.

    I was lucky I could write seven wishes within a good condition of new moon.

    I wrote my wishes with real earnest mind.

    My wish, my wish & my wish, like prayer.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Today or Tomorrow.

    DSCN3901.jpg DSCN3902.jpg

    I am an oracle collectioner.

    I have bought the "Tarot" recently.

    And, already I have four oracle cards.

    I like pictures & tinted positive color.

    Seeing & touching to them, my feeling is becoming clearly.

    Today or tomorrow, lawyer will let me to know something.

    I could buy this house, I wonder.

    I am waiting from lawyer's answer on today... or tomorrow.

    I asked with a new "Tarot" card.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Sound


    Recently I am so tired.

    A few days ago, I went to the Waipu cove beach.

    It was low tide.

    It was a nice beautiful sunny day.

    No, windy.

    I sat on the rock.

    "I can not hear nicely wave sound".

    "Today wave sound are noisy".

    I knew depending on my situation,

    sounds become resonance with my mind.

    Since I was bone, like this experience was uncommon feeling.

    To get own house....

    What a big job it is!!

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • My wonderful penfriend, Anita.

    When I was a junior high school one grade,

    I started exchanged letter with Anita who was living in America.

    Now my daughter became a good friend with her and her family.

    These photos are so important as memory of my life.











  • [ **Daily** ]
  • HOBBITON in Matamata

    These story was on 23rd/Oct.

    The day passed quickly.

    However, I can not forget the HOBBITTON trip with my daughter.

    All around is HOBBITON movie set.

    They are maintained well for sightseeing.

    As if it seems wonderland.

    Hi Eiko, it was a good trip, wasn't it?

    The cost was expensive, but it was a good value.

    DSCN3896.jpg DSCN3895.jpg

    DSCN3854.jpg DSCN3857.jpg

    DSCN3849.jpg DSCN3832.jpg

    DSCN3850.jpg DSCN3831.jpg

    DSCN3827.jpg DSCN3823.jpg

    DSCN3817.jpg DSCN3811.jpg

    DSCN3809.jpg DSCN3806.jpg

    DSCN3804.jpg DSCN3801.jpg

    DSCN3798.jpg DSCN3797.jpg

    DSCN3796.jpg DSCN3795.jpg

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • After dry, I was so surprised .......


    My car was running almost 6 hours more a day, and every day.

    And it was for 9 days.

    Thank you to my car.

    I washed it since my daughter was welcome.

    Small road tar points & a lot of bugs are here and there.

    They were not easy for wash.

    I scrape them clean with a nylon scrub tool, not so heard.

    After dry, I was so surprised,

    It became beautiful, but silver metallic color showed marks here and there.

    They were marked by a nylon scrub.

    I hope they could go out of sight by polish oil.

    My big sigh .......

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Today is 3rd day.


    Today was so beautiful spring day.

    It was a little bit hot, I felt.

    I hung under the roof of veranda.

    I checked dry meats before sun set.

    Part of meat was dry.

    Oil meat was not dry.

    It needs one more day, I wonder?

    YUU-chan! you can eat them soon.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • I made dry meat for YUU.

    I took a way Hallowing meat.

    I made dry meat for YUU.

    He is sniffing under the dry tool.

    "Wait for a moment".



  • [ **Daily** ]
  • I wonder I can not see these flower from next year?

    What a beautiful flower they are!!!
    I wonder I can not see these flower from next year?

    DSCN3768.jpg DSCN3769.jpg DSCN3770.jpg DSCN3775.jpg
    DSCN3774.jpg I heard we can eat this flower.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • The Coffee maker.

    This is a coffee maker.

    I use for Japanese tea.

    A very nice temperature & Japanese flagrance.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Halloween party.

    I joined the halloween party on 31/Nov/2015.

    Ticket fee was $50.

    I felt it is a expensive ticket.

    But I may join it last chance in Ruakaka.

    WHA!!! I was surprised everybody's interesting costume.

    Also, Foods. It was oily meet, though I can not say with big voice.

    I knew reason why KIWI's body became big.

    It was a nice experience for me.

    Do you know me, from what photo?

    Wha ha ha!!

    DSCN3876.jpg DSCN3878.jpg
    DSCN3877.jpg DSCN3879.jpg

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • I am fine.

    P1000013.jpg At Waipu Cove. Yuu likes waves. He might feel "what is this, I wonder?
    P1000003.jpg High tide was coming. What was a nice nature view!

    DSCN3696 - Copy I made dry meet for Yuu's treat food. It spend a long time & cost was high. But it is real meat though.

    DSCN3754.jpg Duddings park. I spent a few days with camping for looking houses in Marton. At all, I could not find an interested house. I felt so tiredness.
    DSCN3753.jpg All around field. There was a lot of sheep. Peaceful & calm.

    DSCN3741.jpg At Rotorua. Feeling is just spring season.


    DSCN3680.jpg At Ruakaka near my house. A beautiful cherry blossom. I took a picture with deep feeling.

    DSCN3687.jpg I had a sadness feeling with this sight. this car was my friend used for long time. Now his car soled and will be destroyed by a machine. I remember Yoga Meditation of Sa Ta Na Ma. Infinitive, Birth, Death & recycle.

    DSCN3688.jpg My car. It is a nice car.

    DSCN3733.jpg Loquat. According my dictionary, name is Japanese medlar. This is Japanese fruts? I did not.

    DSCN3735.jpg I made pickle of Loquats with sweet vinegar. Success or ...?

    DSCN3743.jpg Taupo lake. Big lake.

    DSCN3747.jpg Early morning view of Taupo. It was so calm & peaceful.

    DSCN3744.jpg I did not know mastles(Spell?) shells are alive in the lake, not sea.



  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Time passed quickly.

    DSCN3680.jpg Beautiful pinky cherry blossoms.
    DSCN3738.jpg I am making dry fruits under the sun. Cut slices apple, sliced bananas & tiger leaves heab.
    DSCN3734.jpg Dry food tool of electricity of the Sunbean.

    NZ time was changed summer time from 27th/Sep.

    It means winter season has gone.

    Flowers are a lot of pink color.

    It means Spring season.

    Cherry blossoms are finished around here.

    Two weeks school holiday are started.

    It means new term is started.

    Time passed quickly.


    My life is not same, too.

    I am making dry foods with dry food tool and by the sun.

    My feeling or my opinion is the Sun energy is best one for fruits.

    Sea weeds are a dry food tool is best.

    The Wakame & Kelps of seaweeds were made nice dry foods by tool.

    I am spending times with enjoying for making dry foods.

    Like the dry food student.

    It is fun!!

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Vibration


    Everybody must believe sounds are vibration.

    And everything that we can see are vibration, too.

    Also our body, emotion & soul are vibration.

    Even our body die, vibration of soul is living.

    I am looking forward to be soul.

    I believe the universe is vibration.

    Let's use these vibration.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Ruakaka place.


    RUAKAKA will be my last living place of Whangarei.

    Ruakaka beach is a famous surfing place.

    Population is about 3500.

    My friend couple present me a Ruakaka T-shorts

    as a memory of RUAKAKA for my moving.

    After Christchurch earthquake, & it is four years ago I moved around Ruakaka.

    So, Ruakaka is one of my an important place.

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • I bless to my daughter, families & friends. And to me.

    Every time when I came the Waipu cove beach, I feel happy.

    Because, depending our emotion, waves show to our mind, sadness or happiness. tiredness, or our present mind.

    I bless to my daughter, families & friends. And to me.

    DSCN3673.jpg I found this yellow color creature.
    The shape is a corn. I touched it, shape was moving. What is this??

    This sea plant is black color. I cooked it.
    And so, it became like Japanese the NORI-tsukudani. I dried,
    and I pound them to pieces by the blender, like I eddied on 27th blog.
    I do not know its name. I am using everyday.

    DSCN3675.jpg Today noontime was the low tide.
    But waves sound was a big noise.
    I felt kindly heart, and hols someone in mother's arm from these waves.

    DSCN3676.jpg My friend picked daffodils from beach side, and they are put on a TV. These flower give to come spring season.
    It is already spring here. My heart is pushed as if they say "Have a quickly moving to new place.
    It had gone winter". Daffodil color is milky yellow, and smell is a nice fragrant of spring.
    NNNn, I have to find out new place.

    DSCN3678.jpg Yuu knows we go to beach. He is waiting with excitement like childish for us in his car.
  • [ **Daily** ]
  • Finding from failure.


    My favorite food is the NATTO.

    I can buy it at Asian shop.

    Though I make it.

    Natto is fermented soybeans.

    Sadly, I failed today.

    So, I tried to butter it, & added sugar a little bit.

    NN~~~!, it was a really nice taste.

    I named the "dry sweet natto".

  • [ **Daily** ]
  • A hand made frog.


    I found a pretty beads made frog at the Marsden cove market.

    Frogs were make by a many kind of color, red, green, yellow and others.

    I chose a green color.

    Now it is at my home.

    It seems one frog is lonely.

    The frog is a group living, isn't it?

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    Earthquake forecast.

    I had two big earthquakes. I need earthquake’s forecast.

    By date from Light green, Blue, orange & to red color. The color is changed. I hope not be Red color.


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